thailand day 3 – bangkok . victory monument . chatuchak . healthland spa



Bring my Mum to try the real boat noodles at Victory Monument

So many different flavours, ordered 1 each.


I finally found the chocolate lava cake!!! After walking to so many 7-11.

But why so messed up one??? 😕

Found another brand of honey too. Most expensive is this brand, I still think the ‘Royal’ brand tastes best.


My sis say must try the KFC chicken but I feel ok only leh. I rather go back eat KFC’s shoyu chicken.


Come here must have Thai milk tea.

Buy new leather flats!!

Cool down with a coconut ice cream

Visit my favourite food stall.

Fried chicken! Too bad no more pork cheek. *Sob*


Healthland Spa Massage
Waiting to get in.


7-11 and McDonald’s for dinner.
My sis say must eat the fried çhicken at McDonald’s. Please remind me to never trust her again. Lol.

Come here must try weird things.
Okay, this is really weird. It’s like the durian cake/ kueh thing but in liquid form.

2 flavours in one pack.

Got room for dessert.

Not bad.

Oh. So this is why it’s so ex. Private room with shower.
The massage quite good but I keep feel that something is missing… so it’s like 90% shiok only.