thailand day 1 – bangkok . arte hotel . central world . platinum mall

Breakfast before the flight!

Errr… stuck in the plane now because runway is closed for inspection.

The colour so nice and dreamy. 😍


Anyway I’ve already landed. Let’s get lost! 😂😂😂

Arte Hotel has upgraded our room to 2 single beds and a king bed!

Got no bathtub though.

In the toilet with mum because sis wants to take video of the room without us in it. 😤

Time to head out!


So happy to find these in Central World!


We got a big bag of pork to share. So good. 😋


Saw this little ice cream truck outside Platinum Mall.

Looks good.

Mango ice cream. 👍

Then we shared a plate of mixed stewed pork at the Platinum Mall food court. Nom nom. They eat fats, I get all the meat. 😁

Did a lot of shopping after meal!!


Having our dinner at a roadside stall!

Omelet and water mimosa. I haven’t figured what’s that veggie. What is water mimosa?? It’s not kang kong leh.

Yellow curry crab. Not quite what I wanted but still pretty good.

Grilled prawns. Juicy. 👍


Got this ‘Tokyo Banana’ from the Big C Supermart! The texture is legit, as good as the real Tokyo Banana. I should probably try to get more. 🤗

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