universal studios singapore

I eat fish eggs. Nom.


It’s time for us to make good use of our RWS season pass.

So happy when I saw this bakery! Their mochi mochi buns are a must have!

Somebody wants to have meat, so we shared a set at KFC. Hahahhaa. Then, I can have my favourite mix!


Nice colours. Seaweed underneath.

This ginger flower looks like a rose out of a mould. So cute!


We are here! āœŒ

Managed to take picture with Ernie and Bert! Ernie is my favourite because he doesn’t give a shit about Bert. Hahahahha. I aleays look forward to his part when watching Sesame Street. šŸ˜

Rest a while because headache. šŸ¤•

Fireworks close up! Yoohoo!


Ended the day with a Carl’s Junior beef chilli cheese fries!

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