malaysia day 2 – kampar . tomb sweeping . cameron highlands

Up early!


Breakfast. I think I’m having diarrhoea. Haiz. Don’t care, still have to eat.

Iced milo. 👍

The chores have started! Don’t need to be pretty one la. No makeup, don’t care. Lol.

Great grandparents. We only managed to move my grandparents ashes to Singapore, can’t bring great grandparents back because we don’t have their death certs. That’s why we still have to come back here.

Group pic.

Done at the first place.

Second place is a granduncle. He passed away when he was in his teenage years due to sickness? But I heard he did a lot for the family la. Think is grandma say must come de.

Just a little tombstone.

Coconut juice after.

Here’s a house with horses for rental. Lol.


House pets. Hahaha! I used to wake up once I hear the rooster crow in the morning. Now I just think it’s crazy for crowing so early. Hahahaha!

My nephew dare to hold the little chick leh!

Family picture in front of the house.

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