random musings

Going to the roadshow! Guess we should be getting the keys soon?

There are weird and rude guys. Omg. They are going to be my neighbours? πŸ˜‘

random musings

Here’s my teriyaki chicken wrap with egg mayo and avocado, without cheese and sauce because the add-ons quite saucy already.


8.45pm //
What a weird timing. Should I even wait till 9pm, so that I can get a cab?
No. I don’t want wait. Needa get out of here. 😣 Don’t even know what kind of food I can still buy later.


Disgusted. Why people only think of money? Money can’t solve everything. 😑


Can’t wait to eat. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

a1 abalone noodle

Raining. So have to eat anything that I can find at home. Abalone noodle it is. If you notice, my Dad did get this from Malaysia for only 8.50 ringgit because it’s $5 or $6 if you buy in Singapore, not sure how good it is because this is my first time having it.

Comes with a packet of abalone.

Quite nice but I no like the noodle. Smell like some preservative… plastic-ky.


Woohoo! Pork chop and fries.


It sucks knowing that reality starts tomorrow. 😭

thailand day 4 – bangkok . sabx2 wanton mee . let’s relax spa . chatramue

Quick breakfast. A lot of last minute shopping to do today.


Went to queue for that popular aka highly raved SabX2 Wanton Noodles.

Damn it. People who say this is good never had really good wanton mee before. Waste time queue.

But I must give credit to the stew pork. Very garlicky and the meat just melts in your mouth.


Got my crepe from Platinum Fashion Mall‘s basement!!


Swensen’s Ice cream to cool down and we actually napped a little. Too tired.


Omg loooo… the bunny so cute!!! But the little ornament no stock liao. Walao. I almost wanted to just buy the plant back.


Massage again!!! This time at Let’s Relax and I have to say that it was 100% shiok even my Mum and Sis agree. Plus, the mango sticky rice made us 120% shiok. Hahahha.

They regret never coming Let’s Relax more because my Sis la… she say the shop don’t look good. Walao… it’s the quality that matters okay. I can come here twice with the amount I spend at Healthland.


Omg… ChaTraMue’s Thai milk tea ice cream so nice. You can find it in Singapore too!

thailand day 3 – bangkok . victory monument . chatuchak . healthland spa



Bring my Mum to try the real boat noodles at Victory Monument

So many different flavours, ordered 1 each.


I finally found the chocolate lava cake!!! After walking to so many 7-11.

But why so messed up one??? πŸ˜•

Found another brand of honey too. Most expensive is this brand, I still think the ‘Royal’ brand tastes best.


My sis say must try the KFC chicken but I feel ok only leh. I rather go back eat KFC’s shoyu chicken.


Come here must have Thai milk tea.

Buy new leather flats!!

Cool down with a coconut ice cream

Visit my favourite food stall.

Fried chicken! Too bad no more pork cheek. *Sob*


Healthland Spa Massage
Waiting to get in.


7-11 and McDonald’s for dinner.
My sis say must eat the fried Γ§hicken at McDonald’s. Please remind me to never trust her again. Lol.

Come here must try weird things.
Okay, this is really weird. It’s like the durian cake/ kueh thing but in liquid form.

2 flavours in one pack.

Got room for dessert.

Not bad.

Oh. So this is why it’s so ex. Private room with shower.
The massage quite good but I keep feel that something is missing… so it’s like 90% shiok only.

thailand day 2 – bangkok . hoi-tod chaw-lae . roast

Book massage!

Booked for tomorrow.


Found very cheap ‘Tokyo bananas’! 10 baht each only.

I call this, Bangkok Mango.

Nom. It’s good!

Cheap honey from 7-11! This brand is good!


Saw this or-luar stall, Hoi-Tod Chaw-Lae Restaurant, and it looks damn yummy. Totally unplanned but we decide to just head-in.

Ordered the or-ror and pad-thai.


Look how crispy it is! The oyster very plump and juicy and doesn’t have the weird taste at all, so it very very nice!
*no idea why this image rotated after posting. πŸ˜•

Even the pad thai. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ If I had more tummy space, I will order and set of the same thing. 🀣


Pretty decor.

Perfect for weddings.


Yes! Finally. It was such a long walk.


Food is here!

Their coffee is soooooo…. good. Ahhhh~

Watermelon with mint.

Pulled pork burger.

Nutella tart. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Β Awesome.


Shopped around Siam Center and Siam Discovery, took wefies.


Massage and body scrub. The service is so bad. Even cheap I also don’t want to be back.


Quick snack. Tonkatsu sandwich from the convenience store.


Late dinner at the market outside Siam Central World! This shop has very good tom yum soup with huge prawns inside too.

We bought too much. πŸ˜‚

So we pack back as supper. Lol.

thailand day 1 – bangkok . arte hotel . central world . platinum mall

Breakfast before the flight!

Errr… stuck in the plane now because runway is closed for inspection.

The colour so nice and dreamy. 😍


Anyway I’ve already landed. Let’s get lost! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Arte Hotel has upgraded our room to 2 single beds and a king bed!

Got no bathtub though.

In the toilet with mum because sis wants to take video of the room without us in it. 😀

Time to head out!


So happy to find these in Central World!


We got a big bag of pork to share. So good. πŸ˜‹


Saw this little ice cream truck outside Platinum Mall.

Looks good.

Mango ice cream. πŸ‘

Then we shared a plate of mixed stewed pork at the Platinum Mall food court. Nom nom. They eat fats, I get all the meat. 😁

Did a lot of shopping after meal!!


Having our dinner at a roadside stall!

Omelet and water mimosa. I haven’t figured what’s that veggie. What is water mimosa?? It’s not kang kong leh.

Yellow curry crab. Not quite what I wanted but still pretty good.

Grilled prawns. Juicy. πŸ‘


Got this ‘Tokyo Banana’ from the Big C Supermart! The texture is legit, as good as the real Tokyo Banana. I should probably try to get more. πŸ€—

random musings

Here’s a pic of a potent yuanyang that I make for myself. Lol lol. Too tired recently due to the many late nights. Two lipton teabags + creamer + half pack of white coffee. Confirm wake up.

By the way, I’ve been working at another desk for like 2 weeks already, so I sit here together with my project team. Like that things can move faster. I literally have 2 desks in the office. Lol lol. Will be here until the company starts renovating.

Holiday starts tomorrow. Fighting!