victor’s kitchen . ilight . bergs gourmet burgers

Feeling a bit punky today.

Well. At least bye bye to all the pms swelling! Woohoo! I can look thin again.

Feeling very protected in the train now. πŸ˜‚


Victor’s Kitchen, finally here to try the dim sum!!

Waaa… I like the milk tea!!! Very thick! The ice is in a separate bowl to keep the milk tea cool, so that the drink won’t get diluted.

Awesome pan fried XO chee cheong fun. I’m still burping the smell. Lol lol.

Prawns in the prawn dumplings are very fresh and big. Waaa. I’m not a fan of prawn dumplings but I like these.

Siew mai has nice prawns too. Nom.

The meat is xiao long bao is quite big, like meatball. Haha. The soup inside is good.

Char siew boluo bao. 😍😍😍😍😍

Chunky char siew. πŸ‘
Bao is made with the steam pau dough, so it’s sweet and chewy after baked. I loved it. 😍

Damn full already but still die die wanna finish it.

Going to walk a lot today. 😊

Love all the hanging plants. So pretty. 😍


ilight, I only took some pictures because very crowded and erm… the designs makes no sense to me. πŸ€” Pictures only of a certain angle because I refuse to include people and their heads in.


Bergs Gourmet Burger. We ordered a salad to share which I think this was very yums even without the dressings.

And a falafel burger to share. Yums. I feel like a vegan already. πŸ˜†


Many many steps clocked today. ✌

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