malaysia day 1 – penang . kampar

At the airport!

Breakfast first. 😋

In plane!!! Landing in an hour? Hehe.

Somebody like never take plane before keep take video. 😂


Oh yay! Landed liao!

Our ride. We rented a car to get around.

Car wefie!


I’ve got data now! ✌


Going to get lunch. Weee~

Then lunch at the famous Penanh laksa place.


Chay kway teow is nice!

The rojak sucks though. The sauce is like… haiz… the Chinese sweet sauce.

Fresh Dragon beard candy!

Nom nom. 😋


Dinner place.

Sorry no pics of yummy food.

But here’s a picture of our must have veggie whenever we are in Malaysia.

Streets are empty when it’s late.

Still must have my supper!!! My favourite chee cheong fun. 😍😍😍

Choose our sides!

Those round flat items at the bottom left is a must have! We cleared everything on the tray. Then the uncle took out more. 🤣

I take-away six packs of curry chee cheong fun with a lot of sides for only 25 ringgit. Omg. So cheap. 😮 I shock. How they make money? But they cannot raise the price also, if not most people won’t be able to afford.

Mmmm… so satisfied.

Woohoo. Here’s my kampung house.

This is what you see in my bedroom, or our bedroom. The whole family shares one room. Sis and I share a single mattress on the floor.

TC thought I was going to stay at a hotel. Hahaha. I love it the way it is.

More supper. My parents were raving about this red dragonfruit, green apple with honey juice. They had two each. 🤣🤣🤣 omg.

Oh. This was what I meant as supper.

random musings

It’s so difficult to get carb-less food! Especially if I can’t find yong tau foo in food court. 😕

I had some gold today, think I’m going to poop gold tonight. 🤣


There are two sides in every story. Some like to hide and cover, some get overwhelmed by emotions, some make assumptions, some don’t listen, some only talk for the sake of talking. 😧 I think it’s scarier if people backstab. 😧

So much drama at work. I think it’s better to face animals at home.

spizza . beauty and the beast

The great chef has made us brunch! All hail the chef! 😃😃😃

Nom nom nom. Everything is good.

Didn’t stay late at their place because Jen needs to work.


Got this snack from the Korean supermart while Sarah is spending her money somewhere. Lol lol! Nice snack though!


Then it was dinner at Spizza!
Gnocchi. Omg. So smelly. For me la, smells nice for most people though.

Mushroom and egg.

Fresh seafood!

Chicken wings.

Tiramisu. I think we made Long a fan of this place. 👍


We watched Beauty and The Beast!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

During the whole movie I was like, “Oh no. Oh no. Don’t move so fast, I not done drooling over the sets.” Because everything is so pretty in there, including Emma Watson of course. 😂😂😂 I think I’m gonna try downloading it, so I can take a good look at the sets all over again.


My supper came with sprinkles! Happy! 🤗