kyushu pancakes cafe

Met up with Sis for an impromtu lunch at Kyushu Pancakes Cafe!
Tropical fruit tea again because add drink $3 only. And this is the most expensive drink out of all? The waiter say any drink. πŸ‘‰

Ordered the Croque Madame Pancakes again because it’s awesome. Hahahaha! My sis agrees too, she thought I was crazy for ordering savory pancakes.

Waa… even their Salted Caramel French Toast is awesome. Fluffy oneeee… almost like the one I had when in Kyoto. 😍

See close up. πŸ˜‹

Here’s a wefie!
I think ah… everyone should have a good lunch on Mondays to kill those Monday blues. Makes the day a whole lot better.

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