taobao dress

In my new dress from Taobao. I love this! It’s almost like the black dress that I wanted to buy again but no more stock.

This one. Even TC also say nice. So hor~

I should get the same thing in another colour, right? Hahaha!


Well. Company just made a huge annoucement. Oh. Should have more bonus too. 😆

Neh mind. Got nice food. 😋 Can last me until tonight.


Anytime everytime.

kyushu pancakes cafe

Met up with Sis for an impromtu lunch at Kyushu Pancakes Cafe!
Tropical fruit tea again because add drink $3 only. And this is the most expensive drink out of all? The waiter say any drink. 👉

Ordered the Croque Madame Pancakes again because it’s awesome. Hahahaha! My sis agrees too, she thought I was crazy for ordering savory pancakes.

Waa… even their Salted Caramel French Toast is awesome. Fluffy oneeee… almost like the one I had when in Kyoto. 😍

See close up. 😋

Here’s a wefie!
I think ah… everyone should have a good lunch on Mondays to kill those Monday blues. Makes the day a whole lot better.

iq test club

Did a IQ test online!
So I’m going to put down my results here.

If you’re interested, you can do it here 😄

Your General IQ is: 119

With this score you are better than 93 % of the population. Your general IQ score is between 115 and 145.

Congratulations – your intelligence level is certainly above average, in other words, you have a superior intelligence, very high against the general population. About 16% of people are expected to have this intelligence level. By the way, these two famous ladies – Hillary Clinton and Madonna (both with IQ’s of 140) also belong to this range. You have more than enough qualities to go through all kinds of tasks and trials, which life presents to us every day.

1. Your strength – Speed

To succeed in life and achieve your goals, it is important not only to have a high IQ score with recognized talents and gifts, but you also need to know and discern your strengths, as well as use them in the most effective way. With this insight you can better understand your abilities and consequently obtain better results.

You had the highest score in the category Speed. It certainly did not take you long to complete this test. No doubt – speed seems to be your forte. You are able to analyze problems and make decisions in a very short time. But please, don’t hurry now, read more about Speed below.

2. Your weakness – Verbal Intelligence

Even if you have an IQ of a very superior level, it doesn’t mean that you have no weaknesses. Intelligence also implies recognition of one’s weaknesses, accept them and take actions to improve yourself in the right direction. Weakness should not be an obstacle to avoid, but an opportunity to think it over and make efforts to overcome it.

You had the lowest score in Verbal Intelligence. A familiar situation – you have the word on your tongue, but can’t express yourself properly, resulting in the communication problems? Memorizing new words is also a difficult task for you. But remember – we all as humans are able to speak and communicate. Just try to discover more about Verbal Intelligence and use the tips of How to Improve Yourself – you will see, it works!


Numerical intelligence

It is the ability to reason and calculate and to solve problems in the form of mathematical equations. People with high numerical intelligence are good with numbers, calculations and abstract symbols, able to find solutions faster, remember formulas, arithmetical signs and rules, and in general have no problem in balancing budgets and checkbooks.

This form of intelligence is important for people of such professions as accountants, calculators, financial administrators, salary administrators and share traders.

Your numerical IQ is: 102
With this score you are better than 60 % of the population.


Logical intelligence

Is an ability to analyze abstract problems, think logically, comprehend and follow rules and conditions and their eventual effects. Those who have a high score in logical intelligence, can clearly understand cause-and-effect relationships, are able to generalize individual cases and derive the common rules, recognize individual problems as a special case of the general, see the main structures and are not distracted by unimportant details.

People with strong logical skills can apply them in the following professional areas: software programming, project management, system engineering, policy analysis and politics.

Your logical IQ is: 116
With this score you are better than 89 % of the population.


Verbal intelligence

Verbal intelligence takes a central place in human life and society, for it is a base of fast and confident communication. Many other forms of intelligence cannot be fully utilized without it. Verbal intelligence includes the knowledge of language – vocabulary, linguistic instinct; the ability to pick up and remember words and sentences, skills to keep certain information in one’s memory and express it precisely and in detail.

This is an irreplaceable part of our daily doings and beings. Language is an important instrument in many professions: teachers and docents, communication specialists, translators and interpreters, TV- and radio presenters, politicians, guides and many others.

Your verbal IQ is: 78
With this score you are better than 11 % of the population.


Visually-spatial intelligence

Visually-spatial intelligence is the ability to handle visual structures, two- and three-dimensional objects, observe and place them in different positions and directions, turn and mirror in space. A person with high visually-spatial skills has control over space and location, a good sense of direction, impressive understanding of graphical placement, can perfectly orientate in less familiar circumstances.

These people possess talents for architecture, construction drawing and design, surgery, navigation, geographical discoveries.

Your visually-spatial IQ is: 159
With this score you are better than 99 % of the population.


Practical and technical intelligence

Practical intelligence (this form is often called action intelligence) is responsible for the coordination of mental and physical activities. It is important for one to control precise motions, synchronize the movements of the body and power of brain to reach the desired result, have a good imagination and can apply it to practical orientation under different conditions.

A highly developed practical intelligence plays a significant role for musicians, craftsmen (handwork such as sewing, embroidering, sculpture), sportsmen, builders and interior design specialists.

Technical intelligence – is a talent to see objects, patterns and tasks as technical models and ability to implement them in practice, insight in technical and natural sciences.

Quite a large group of professions are known to be suitable for people with high technical intelligence – they are technicians, engineers with different specializations, constructors, locksmiths, metal workers, auto mechanics, specialists of technical service, etc.

Your practical and technical IQ is: 122
With this score you are better than 98 % of the population.



Speed – in this context is the ability to process data and information in a quick and effective way. It is important in making decisions with limited information, in complex situations, unstable circumstances, critical states. Someone with high speed skills can instantly discern problems and find answers, has a highly-developed sense of structure and organization.

This ability is irreplaceable for pilots, dispatchers, stock traders, medical personnel, military officers, policemen and fire workers.

Your speed IQ is: 160
With this score you are better than 99 % of the population.



Knowledge – this form is actually not included in the IQ-test, but without a certain level of general knowledge, or, in other words, erudition, it is impossible to use one’s intelligence. A child of 3 years old can be extremely intelligent, but with the lack of knowledge he can not apply it in any way. On the other hand, an older person, not necessarily highly educated, but with a solid baggage of life experience, can perform certain tasks perfectly.

Knowledge is the most important and necessary component of success in all the professional fields.

Your knowledge IQ is: 79
With this score you are better than 11 % of the population.


Emotional and social intelligence

Emotional and social intelligence stay apart in this classification. It was first mentioned in a doctor dissertation of an American student in 1985 and made popular by the New York writer Daniel Goleman in the articles for the magazine “Popular Psychology” and later in the “New York Times”. In 1995 his book “Emotional Intelligence” was published and became a worldwide bestseller.

In summary, emotional intelligence is the ability to sense, understand, and effectively apply the power and acumen of emotions as a source of human energy, information, connection, and influence. The following skills belong to the highly developed emotional intelligence to be independent from your own feelings and ability to adjust yourself to them, ability to recognize, name and directs your feelings, discern the nuances of feelings and use them in positive way.

And, as a consummation, can derive actions from it. Emotional intelligence accompanies our daily life and especially important for psychiatrists, managers, advisers. Social intelligence covers the relationship between people in the society. It is the ability to get along with others, discern mood and ambitions of other people and handle them in a positive way, put yourself in someone’s place, capacity to work together with others and at the same time carry over with our own ambitions and desires.

People with a high social intelligence are always perfect in team work, upbringing and education of children and young men; they are good social workers, psychologists and matchmakers.

cheese in the trap



I finally finish watching Cheese In The Trap. Quite a torture to watch if you have a very logical mindset. Hahahhaha!!! I don’t know leh. I watch until the end just to find out if the main actor will become bonkers or not. Lol lol. But never leh!!!

Walao. I thought he has split personality or what. People keep say that actually he is a very bad person. Like huh? Why other people can be bad but the main actors cannot? Then the classmates all weird together one. So funny. Like the actress dun share her notes then like whole class say she bad. So if the main actor do something bad is also they cross the line what! Walao. Weird show, weird script. 😒


Woot! Woot! My $4.80 dinner. 😛

healthy diet

I’ve been watching these videos lately. Scares me like hell. Omg. I better control my diet again. Sugar is so so so bad. Damn, I have to cut down a lot on chocolates.

Carbs and starch are not essential food. They caused a lot of health problems… diabetes, heart diseases… omggggg.


All veg. Cabbage, xiao bai cai, brinjal, tomato, yam and tofu (the only thing with fish paste inside). All because of the videos. 😅

soup spoon . little wimbly lu

Soup spoon’s spicy salmon miso jigae is very nice! And I like the chocolate cake too. Not too sweet with dark chocolate truffle icing at the top. Nom nom.


Ah Lu goes to Little Wimbly Lu.

So many cakes but my quota for cakes met already.

Chai latte with soy milk very sweet. 😣


This shop is like so pretty but too bad it’s gone.

So nice. Cannot see buildings in the picture.


Woo… Nike can do shoe customization too. Another choice for weddings shoes.


Cooked dinner! Nom nom nom.

tanuki raw . aiclay workshop

Tanuki Raw with Mum and Sis today because Sis wanna try, even though I told her it’s so-so only. I went hoping that perhaps it wasn’t that good the time I went. Give chance. Lol.

This the famous Truffle Yakiniku with onsen egg. Erm. Beef a bit tough lo. Hahaha. But if you ask me good or not… just not amazing la hor?

Ordered the Kaisen Chirashi Don. The uni is nice but got this frozen smell, u know it has absorbed the smell in the fridge. If not… ok la. Not very amazing again. I miss Tsukiji Market seriously. 😂

We ordered the truffled sweet potato fries too. It’s good but I can’t taste the truffle leh. 🤔


Workshop with Sis at AiClay.
Like so many cakes. Hahahaha!

My chaota fries because chaota nice right? Or rather, curry flavoured. 😆

Yay! All done! I even made a little saucer for my chilli sauce.


random musings

My first new pokemon!

Got rabbit!

Helped Dad with his work. Just one only and he’s going where I’m going also, might as well shun bian. Then we also went on a pokemon spree. Lol


This pikachu has a heart shaped tail.