random musings

Dunno what’s with Tifa today, so happy. Maybe she knows her Dad is coming back today.

Then she comes to me and starts licking me but…! She binkies once I touch the side of her tummy! So it’s like we’re playing together. Hahaha. Until she’s near the wall and got no space to binky. 😄


Another affordable lunch from Cold Storage today! It’s pretty filling and good! I’ll probably come back for this again.


Snack time. I think this actually tastes better than Kinder Surprise, this is Zaini by the way. Kinder has the layer of white chocolate and this is a darker milk chocolate, so it’s good. Not much milky taste.

Oh. I got Mrs Donald.


Got the right natsumi this time!

Arrange on the wrap and roll it up. Damn awesome. $3.35 for the natsumi fish, make it $4 together with the wrap. Healthy and very yummy. 😋


I have a huge strawberry mochi from Nagoya! 😆😆😆
Tifa stole a bite of the strawberry, she also wanna kiss me to get what I had in my mouth. Bo bian, tear out a piece give her and quickly stuff the rest in my mouth. 😥

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