chai soy latte . sakura international buffet

我的梦… 😐


Going to try making my own chai latte!

1. Boil the spices and tea bags in some water and let it steep for around 3 mins.

2. Then add in the soy milk and warm it up. Add sugar or honey to sweeten if you think it’s needed, I used gula melaka.

3. Pour and enjoy!

TC asked me what is it that I like about this tea because you know it’s quite an acquired taste. Very indian. Lol.

It’s just very warm and comforting to me.

With so many benefits.


Papa’s birthday dinner!
He loves going to Sakura International Buffet, no idea why. Lol. Anyway, the branch Yio Chu Kang has different variety of food, so I suggested there. Plus, he’s lazy to travel far la.

There’s quite a lot of items to choose for your hotpot. Prawns are really fresh!

There’s chilli crab! The sauce is very nice to dip other food in even though there’s fried mantou but it will be too sweet when you’re just having the crab itself.


The rojak seriously not bad. 👍

The bird’s nest Portuguese egg tart looks sad but it tasted quite good. The pastry was really flaky.

Got buttermilk waffle with haagen daaz ice cream! Yum.

Cakes so pretty too. 😍