random musings

Oat porridge again! TC tried it this time and he likes it. Oat isn’t that bad eh? He ask me open shop to sell. Lol.

Oh ya. I took urgent leave today because I didn’t sleep well and then… Didn’t hear my alarm at all. TC’s sleep also interrupted by me but he didn’t have to go to work in the first place. This cough is really affecting my life.

My colleague took urgent leave too. Lol. Same issue.


I’ll be going back to sleep now. 养病.


8pm liao??? I thought I nap only???
Walao. Eat and sleep again lo.


I wanted Tissue w/ Haney but the guy says no more haney, so I got a Plain Thosai instead and it’s satisfying. *burp*
* They spelled honey as haney on the menu, I just had to go along with it.


Ok. Now I need to prep myself, start the endless coughing and hopefully be asleep by 2am. 😬

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