random musings

So sleepy.
And I asked for coffee but it was too sweet.


random musings

Steamboat at Sarah’s place! Too much food as usual. Lol lol!

I like this Moscato! It has this very nice fragrance of honey. I must go find this!

Anyways, it was a very nice gathering. We even talked about each other’s good and bad points. Feedback with no hard feelings.

Dinner started at 6pm and we left at 3am. Damn long. Hahaha. Lucky we took leave for the next day.

goblin . saboten

Rewatching goblin. Hahhahaha. I really like this show. And I haven’t watch the last episode of the legend of the blue sea yet.

Love the chemistry between this 2 guys especially. Lol. 😍

The buckwheat field so nice. I wanna go there take wedding photos leh. 😍

It’s in Korea, Gochang.


Dinner with relatives at Saboten!
I had the katsu curry rice. Only ate the katsu and it was quite gelat already.

The salad so nice! Can ask for refill!

The matcha ice cream very milky. 😯

random musings

Made Mala Xiang Guo with the leftover steamboat ingredients. Nom.


Selfie because hair very good today! I actually feel I look a little like Yoo In-Na here. Lol lol. I think it’s just the chubby cheeks.


Dinner with relatives!

The cereal prawns very good. 🖒 Don’t ask me where, I have no idea. Only somewhere in Clementi.


My sis helped me with these pretty nails! So nice! I requested for that little touch of glitter and it’s perfect! 😍 Thank you Sis!

random musings

Yes. I quarrelled with the worst person at home in the family during reunion dinner because he can’t shut his mouth and just had to keep going on about how I don’t know how to use the cooker when I’m perfectly knowledgeable about it. 🖕

So I threw some other facts that he knows that he can’t argue with and still tried to find excuses for it. Childishly said some stupid things. I shall see how he’s going to turn his words back this time. 😒

I probably really do not like people who are Taurus for this reason. All stubborn and full of ego. Yes yes. Go ahead and try to prove yourself with excuses.

random musings

Peeing blood again. Damn UTI. Up since 5am.

In toilet all the way until 8.30am so that I can rush down to the clinic. Only got to see doctpr at 9.20am. Damn. 😣


Facebook reminded me. Ah. I miss Chobi. 🙁


Okay. I think the meds are starting to take effect, not so painful now. I’m gonna zzzzzzZZ.