review of 2016

Went to my first concert! And it’s CNBlue too!


Stargazed. ✌


Attended a clay workshop and it was really fun!


Received my first fresh cut flowers from TC! But… 😅


It’s okay. It’s still pretty in the end. 😍


Visited three countries in one trip and that was amazing.

I miss Japanese Hotel buffet breakfasts. I wanna go again!

Seen sperm whales.

And burgers at A&W. 😍

Went to Seoul too!

Taiwan, I finally had this yummy and fluffy mantou again.

Made our wishes!

Went to Bangkok too! That’s like four countries in a year. Actually five if I include Malaysia. Lol.


I changed phone three times this year. Lol.


TC got me that super pretty watch!


First big purchase as a ‘married couple’. Lol.


Those pretty sneakers. 😍


The first expensive bag I got for myself.


Finally started using this.


Won money! Small but better than nothing.


Oh yes. I’m engaged to the most wonderful guy. 😙

And we will have a place of our own soon.

Of course. This naughty one is coming along.

That’s all! 😀


New year’s eve dinner at friend’s place!

And cakes too. I bought a weird one: salted egg chicken floss. It was alright, very subtle.

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