xmas in office . yoshinoya – rebranded

Today face very on point leh! Maybe it’s due to the NYX primer and the blender tool did help as well. Yay~! Throat not so good though, too much virus at home.


Weeee~ so much love.
I’m really thankful for all the help that was rendered to me so far. There may be difficult times but we survived, or rather they helped me to stay alive. Lol.

Many nice smelling gifts. 😅 Don’t know if I will ever be able to finish them.

This badge so cute!


Fortune cats just from our department alone. We really desperate to hit targets! Argh. 😂


I tried the new Double Mushroom burger! Yummy leh! But I still prefer Tobikiri. 😋


Gonna try the food at the rebranded Yoshinoya!

Need to wait for food, so we had the chocolate millecrepe first. It’s like ice cream. Yum. Quite good for $4.50.

TC had the new Yakitori Don, the chicken is pretty tender and fragrant. I do recommend this.

While I had the usual beef bowl and opted for an additional onsen egg. Ahh~ comfort food. 😋