universal studios singapore . modesto’s . caffebene

Quick lunch before the fun happens today!

Waiting for friends at Starbucks.
Matcha soy latte without sugar is actually much much better! Ok, I will only get this in future. Lol.


TC and I got our 6 months annual passes! My treat! Lol.

We went in this attraction thinking that it’s the publicized Christmas attraction.

But then… no leh. 🤔 This place is weird. Lol.

I had a Churros while waiting for the guys to finish a ride. In the end, Sarah and I went in together with them for a second time because they say not scary.

It’s ok leh! I just hated the 3D la, made me dizzy. Lol.

Castles are so pretty to look at.

Saw Puss in Boots!

Queued for the second ride! Sarah freaked out a little. Lol.

The Christmas attraction is quite hidden. We have to walk to the back of an alley to get there, even the huge sign is not very obvious.

This place is really pretty! Imagine fairy lights everywhere! Omg….


My hair like so messy. Eyer.

Best corner to take Christmas-y photo! Why my face so round ah? Stupid DYM.

Getting dark.


Travelled back to Vivocity. Wanted to settle at Jamie’s Italian for dinner for need to wait, so we ended up at Modesto’s instead.

The vongole is yummy! I like. 😋

TC had the mushroom stuffed ravioli. It’s nice leh! Imagine mushroom soup inside. 😍 Must be careful though, the mushroom very hot.

We ordered a pizza but they totally forgot about our order, so we canceled it. Too bad… we were looking forward to it too.


Dessert at Caffebene

Ordered the Nokcha Chocolate Granache. It’s made by Butter Studio. The matcha cream was on point but the cake… too dry. Very dry. Hardly any chocolate too. Why huh? Why?