jellycat bunny

TC got me a Jellycat as my Xmas present. I really wanted this. 😍
So cute. So nice to hug. Same size as Tifa. Lol.


Dayima is a bitch.


1-for-1 if you make payment using android pay or mastercard at Soup Spoon. That’s like $7 each for our set of soup, cake and drink. Damn worthed it!


I shopped a lot today! Weee~
Some innisfree. The mineral highlighter is really nice!

All of these on sale! One shirt for TC too.

One NYX primer from Sephora. You’ll be surprised that I have not been using primer… so… I’m gonna try this for a start. And 6 pairs of earrings, to replace the pile that I’ve thrown away recently. Haha.