ninja cut . godiva

My Dad did something smart today. Muahahahaha! He bring home a whole ikea bag of K-Pop CDs. Original frrom Korea with the price tag still on. Some of them still not opened. Totally mint condition, probably a bit dusty.

Just like that, I have three CNBlue CDs!!!! 🤗

Akdong Musician is my favourite too!

I gonna sell the rest of them. Heh heh. There’s FT Island, Shinwah… Super Junior… a lot of Original Sound Track which I don’t think can sell. Lol.


My lunch buddies today! 😁

We’re trying Ninja Cut.

Seated right beside the Xmas tree. It smells so nice. 😤 Must breathe in more.

My expensive cup of tea. Regret sia. 😕

This is Crispy Goals. The pork was tough and chewy. It like… did I just pay $18 for a plate of roast pork rice and a few additional condiments? Normal leh. 🤔

Then this is Salmon Confit. Why is it confit huh? It’s just egg benedicts with a side of salmon. 😐

Confit comes from the French word confire which means literally “to preserve”, a confit being any type of food that is cooked slowly over a long period of time as a method of preservation. – Wikipedia

But salmon cannot cook too long… 😑

We ordered the famous Marvelous Matcha. It was quite… bad I would say.

The glooey center damn jelat. The sides are still okay but it’s more like pandan kueh. Know what? I’m never coming back.


We had to go satisfy ourselves with more food. I always think it’s crazy to spend $9 on Godiva’s soft serve ice-cream but it’s really good and worth it because the ice-cream is filled inside the cone too. Could feel the weight when I was holding on to it.