leadership values

Yong tau foo is back. 😂 I never bring my lunch as often now, so gotta eat out.

Omggggg! Should I get this Miffy? Should I? Should I? 😍

Received some old school candies during the company lunch last week. I don’t remember it tasting so bad… 😐 waxy and very sweet.

Colleague gave me some snacks from Taiwan. The lemon thing smells really good even though I didn’t open it.


I did a leadership values card game, so I have to pick out 3 values that I think is most important to me and these are what I chose.

Balance is the most important out of all. All my other team mates think the same. Lol.

Then Change because I really hate being stagnant and not moving forward at all.

Integrity which is scarily true. 😲
Makes me sound like I don’t have much humanity in me. Hahahahha! It’s just simply, what’s not there is no longer going to be there. Look forward.

Ah see! It’s about moving forward again. Lol.


Dad specially gets soft soft persimmons for me. 😍😙