habitat coffee . curry fish head

Thanks Stinktel. Thanks. Are you going to waive my Starhub data too?
I appreciated the fact that the engineers are working very hard to fix it but… haiz… it’s still money, you know?

Nissin has potato chips! Shiok. Very spicy. 😗


Brunch at Habitat Coffee.
Cafe latte and long black. Boyfriend says the real long black will have a layer of coffee oil just like what you see here. Cafe latte is good. No sore throat. Yes, I judge coffee with sore throat. Hahahaha! 😝

Berries stuffed hotcakes. Piping hot and fluffy. I love everything about it except that dollop of cream cheese on top. 😂

Truffle salmon scrambled. The scrambled eggs is very very good. Omg. 😍😍😍😍😍 In love with it. Lucky I never order the usual sausages with eggs or eggs benedict. Lol. This is much more awesome.


Fish head curry dinner.! 👍
I do secretly want to eat chicken curry instead because mashed potatoes with curry sauce is a very awesome combo. 😋