halia . old airport road

Company L&D at Halia, Raffles Hotel.

I didn’t wear anything special. Really don’t want to spend money for a few hours thing. So I just tried to wear something that’s close to the theme, Balik Kampung, which also happens to be something that I usually wear to work. Lol.

Seriously… what kind of theme is that anyway. 😂 I could have just worn home clothes if I don’t mind walking around with it in town.

I’m so tired… I was probably starring into space the whole time. 😴

I’ll try to post the pictures in sequence. May skip a few because never take. Lol.

Pumpkin soup for the day which is not bad. The bread is not bad too.

Chicken salad. I don’t know why the chef chose to use these kind of lettuce? So difficult to eat and bitter also. The rocket leaves ah… the smell is so strong… Gave me a headache. Hardly got dressing on it too. 😣

Goat’s cheese mousse. I had most of the tomatoes… tried to eat a little bit of cheese which is quite an achievement for me. Lol. I feel… greasy… and got some kind of plastic smell. Yuck.

Salmon pate. Acquired taste. You can get a tube of this seafood paste thingy from Ikea, it’s almost the same. 😂 Weird taste.

This lamb dish is not bad though. Just not bad ah.

The two dishes which I didn’t take pictures of… happen to be the best out of all. Fries with mayo dips and Japanese pickled cucumber. 😂😂😂😂😂 Serious. My colleagues agree too.

This was mediocre. 😞 What a waste of crab.

Steak was good but I had better. The mash potato that came with it… argh. It just doesn’t taste right.

One word: Jelat.
Just think of this as green curry without the curry.

This nougat dessert is actually a ice cream… lol. We didn’t know, so it melted by the time we got to it. Haha!!! Another acquired taste. Damn weird one.

Sticky date pudding was quite good but I had better. Lol!!!

I must say huh! I don’t know how much all of these dishes cost but I heard of good reviews. I was disappointed though. Like why would people pay to eat such overly fusion-ed food? I mean the meats are cooked well and all; tender and juicy. BUT! I always feel that there’s something missing in every single dish. 🤔 I definitely wasn’t wow-ed by any of the dishes.

I won $50 vouchers though!!! Yay! I’ll use it to get my Kate Spade.


Let me have some really good food because I wasn’t satisfied with lunch.

Prawn noodles. 😍😍😍😍😍

And the very soft QQ mochi aka muahchee. 😍😍😍😍


Okie. Now I need to do some self-guasha. Neck and shoulders aching now.