takagi ramen

Black chicken soup for the body post-menses.


So we had this new ramen stall in a coffee shop, Takagi Ramen. $6.50 for the black tonkotsu ramen. There’s quite a lot of ingredients in the bowl: chashu, beansprouts, black fungus, bamboo shoots and an egg. The downside… It does lack in flavour but good enough. Really quite well worth for the price.

Most importantly! The egg is still runny inside!!! I would expect it to be hard-boiled for the price but no… surprise surprise~

Early logcake as dessert. Lol!

And a bottle of water for only 10 cents. You know where to get it. 👆

TC was quite surprised with the price. Now he uses this as a ‘money-saving’ thing. Like “Wow, if I get it from here… I can still get 9 bottles of that water!” Seriously, it really makes it sounds like you saved a lot. Hahhahaha!