workbench .’the rock’ in my dreams

The cause of my food coma.

The pulled pork burger was so-so. The pork was drowned in sauce, too much sauce…

Salted egg wings are really good though. If you compare this with the price of main course, this is very worth it. No carbs!

We tried the S’moreffles. Waffle is crispy but not fluffy, quite dense, perhaps due to the pieces of oreo biscuits in between. Would be better if the marshmallow was really roasted instead of melted, so it would have the fragrance of caramelised sugar.

I choose the salty peanut butter ice cream, quite a let down. It’s more like a diluted salty peanut powder ice cream.


I had a super weird dream during my longggg nap. I swear it’s super weird. Hahahhaha!

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock was in it and we are very close. Lol. I was working with him in an aquarium or what… more like a research place. So the place I was at is the the middle of the aquarium, imagine a donut shaped aquarium and my room is in the middle.

Yada yada… fast forward.

Something happened. We were trapped in the room. The Rock knows how to dive because he needs to go in to collect data?

The door was stuck. Water was sipping in from the aquarium… 😣 Obviously, I can’t dive and there were sharks in it. The Rock don’t recommend that. Lol lol.

So he some how got me out from the top but he couldn’t get out. I was just screaming for help because he was in the aquarium. I wanted to smash the glass at the top of the aquarium so that he could get out. Logically if you know how thick aquarium glass are, it’s impossible one.

People pulled me out of the place and he was saved. Lol.

Oh oh! The Rock in my dreams has hair! Shoulder length somemore. Hahahahhahahaha! And he always ties it up in a ponytail. That’s why I say super weird, right? Don’t even know what caused this dream and what’s the relation.

I even remembered to take a photo with him because he’s famous mah. But I thought he’s supposed to be my colleague?? Hahaha!

Maybe it’s due to this. Hahhahaha! Voiced by him mah. And his character got hair. Lol lol. Still dunno why I have this dream. Means I need to watch the movie liao lo. 🤔

Ah. Something like that! So man. Hahahhaha!



Egg thosai for dinner. 😶