sushi tei

Lunch at Sushi Tei! I had the Winter promo selection, Chasyu Don. The egg looks really good. Lol. 😍

Sashimi too. 😋😋😋


My aunt made this thing for my Dad’s cough. I thought it was a huge bone marrow from far. Lol.

So there’s honey inside. Loads of it inside the radish with wolfberries.


Mom made salted egg chicken. 🙆 I ordered last night. Lol.


Woohoo! Jasmine coming soon!


Just came back from late night supermarket-ing with parents. Damn sleepy now but…
Must settle my craving first because I saw a variety show during dinner.

Really handmade peanut candy in Bangkok. Looks so good.

Got this cake too! Quite fluffy and not too sweet, a little bit dry though.