random musings

A friendship with so many small little obligations is toxic. I’m sick and tired of it.
As if work isn’t bad enough and there you have certain friends who make your day feel worse.


Smoky effect with the humidifier. Hahahha! Wtf.


Apparently, colleague got this from Vietnam. It’s like a plum, it has some kind of a oil smell… sesame oil? Or some animal oil? Lol
First, it tastes like a savoury thing and quickly turns into a sour plum. 😣 Took another little bite to confirm and the rest goes to the bin.


Found this in the office. Haha. Nice leh. Ok, I’m gonna look for it in the Korean marts.


The kind of thing that I would do. Hahhahaa! I don’t talk much but I observe a lot. Watch how people make an idiot out of themselves and I laugh at it. 😂

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