random musings

I have a cute little humidifier in office now! 😄

Perfect for my bunny.


Dim sum lunch!
The liu sha bao is weird. The pandan smell too overpowering liao.

The carrot cake got a slight tinge of like baking soda taste in it?

Xiao long bao in a little container. The skin too soft, can’t hold its soup in.

XO sauce seafood fried rice is pretty good.

The whole Chinese restaurant only got 2 tables taken and one of it was us. Lol. Quiet meal.


Today is the day…

I un-followed somebody on FB because who needs negative emotions on my social media? Lol. I cannot. Suan le ba. Little thing also need to get affected, then life will get even more miserable leh.

Come. I clap for myself.

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