somebody walked into the door

They doing their ❤ thing.


So I was peeing at 5.30am, had too much water before I sleep. When I was almost done, there was a loud BANG at the door.

Oh god… what’s happening right now. I didn’t even hear anything outside before it happened. 😰

I probably was surprised for like 5 secs.

Then I… “Oei!”

Heard the boyfriend said, “Sorry.”

🤔 what’s wrong with him???

I opened the door…

👧 Why u bang the door?
👦 I walked into the door.
👧 How? It’s closed???

I went back to the bedroom first. Then, he came back, laughing at his own stupidity.

👧 Oh god. I so awake by the shock already. Thanks.

Turns out…
1) he didn’t know I left the room already (mattress too good, cannot feel partner’s movement)
2) though that the lights were still on, because quite common to forget.
3) he even shifted a chair away before he walked into the door.
4) didn’t notice the door was closed.

Walao! 😂😂😂😂😂
He sleepwalk ah! Seriously.
Laugh die me.


Tonight got crabs!!! I had 4! 😋 Mum says I’m the queen of crabs. She’s not wrong. 😁