Quote of the day. I need to paddle more!

What a pretty ring. 😍

It’s Eat Healthy Tuesday in office today and meals are provided.

I had the Grilled Farm Fresh Chicken. You’ll think that healthy food is not yummy but you’ll regret it if you said that. Because this is so yummy, I enjoyed it. Even thinking about ordering in future. This box costs like $12, so it’s quite affordable for something so yummy.

If you’re interested, do check out, they’re really yummy. I confirm plus chop.


I don’t know why. Suddenly dizzy and I went to the toilet to vomit.

Omygawd. Haiz.

Told the manager that I need to go.

Almost puke at the MRT Station too. 😢

And the best part? I have urine infection too. Totally no idea why. 😭

So now. I’m waiting at the clinic again.


Doctor say I look like 22 years old. 😁

And this was dinner. I have to suffer a bit more because got to eat before I can take medicine.

Played games trying to distract myself from the urine infection. The feeling for the urgency to pee is strong over here. 😠

Now I gotta lay in bed because dizzy-spells are here again.


This anti-biotic very special huh.

Totally sealed because cannot be exposed to sunlight.