wedding notes

Finally starting to add some notes in!

I like this notebook, just look at those tabs! I know it’s not very clear on photo but I must say that it’s quite detailed. At least I know I won’t miss the main things. 😄

They even help with the budgeting. 👍

So we have already narrowed down to a few venues, not the best but pocket-friendlier. Lol. And then TC mentioned that why don’t we do it at our empty flat. Raw. No tiles but toilet is usable la. Lol.

Eh. Damn good idea okay. I would totally love that. Imagine all those blessing and happy vibes in the flat, right from the first day of our marriage. 💑 I can even decorate the place myself. The way I wanted it.

Although we would be collecting the keys Q3 2017, it’s kind of risky. 😯 Wanna have our wedding on 10 Aug. Hmm… unless we have tea ceremony and ROM first. Dinner on another day. Lol.


Duck porridge. Nom nom.


TC got these cakes from a new bakery in NEX. Erm… not worth it la. Looks like Japanese but the quality is nothing close. Lol. It’s like neighbourhood quality. Maybe neighbourhood one nicer.