health benefits of oat

This is it. My body gave up and got worse in the middle of the night even though I slept early, 10.30pm to be precise. Damn early. Migraine happened while I was sleeping. Can you believe it??? 😣 How is it possible when I’m sleeping??

So while I’m waiting… the headache is starting to come back again.

And I’m so hungry… I wanna to go back to have oats porridge. Since I’m thinking about it I looked up at the benefits.


9 health benefits of eating oats and oatmeal.

Taken from
☝ Head there to read more if you want.


So… I do have a fever.
Meds… all reddish coloured. 🤒

For hydration.

So happy to find these! Omg. Best seaweed.

I added a green tea bag in 100plus because why not?

Yes. Pumkin oat porridge. Take meds then concuss!

I’m high on drugs. Lol. Floating. Is this what they meant by ‘high’?


Can see, cannot eat.

$8.90 for this. Has more beef than Yoshinoya. Nub bad for the quantity.

Omelet looks alright too. Just that the curry is too sweet.