chui huay lim teochew cuisine

Went to celebrate my future mum’s birthday today. Lol lol. 😝 Here at Chui Huay Lim Teochew Cuisine.

We had one shark’s fin each. Although I do try to not eat but they ordered already, so I cannot be rude. 😶 The fin so big some more. I’m sorry shark. *Prays*

Got roast pig. Sorry, baby pig. 😛

Woo… got big scallop in my mee sua. 😋

The cake so pretty but I cannot eat. Too milky even though it’s supposed to be yogurt. 🙁


The little nephew so cute la. I said, “Show me around your house.” Then he bring us to the curtain, show us his water bottle, the light switch… toys… his milk-time chair… for a very long time. He didn’t stop running around until we had to leave. 😂