sixth anniversary . joo bar

Wearing my new watch! 😍😍😍

And then… I can’t wait for dinner already. πŸ˜‹
We are still going to work, so it’s not going to be a full day celebration. Plus, his reservist just ended too, sure got a lot of things to clear.

☝☝ Not open today. πŸ™


We decided on Joo Bar instead.

My jaw looks so prominent here. πŸ˜…
Happy Anniversary to my Superman no. 2! Hahahaha! He can only be no. 2 because Papa will always be my no. 1. 😁

We ordered the Makgeolli sampler set and there was 1-for-1, so we ended up having one each.

1. Original
2. Yuzu
3. Passionfruit
4. Blood Orange
5. Lychee

We liked lychee most! Passionfruit may be too thick and sweet.



We had spam fries. The texture doesn’t feel like normal spam though, it’s good.

Grilled mangalitsa belly was very very good. Noms!

Seafood gochujang risotto. It’s cheesy, I can’t take it in huge spoonfuls if not the smell very kill me. Lol. But it’s pretty good, just not amazing.