peperoni pizzaria . alchemist beer lab

Lunch! Very long never eat already!

And I had a hairwash in a small neighbourhood salon while TC has his haircut.


Going out to meet friends! Weee~

Too thirsty.

Finally going to try Peperoni Pizzaria’s wood-fire pizzas!

The queue was taking quite long, hence got time to take pictures.

Yay! Got seats after like 30 mins wait.

I suaku, very happy to see a huge pizza.

Weeee~! Next time just order those with eggs. Hahaahhaha! The egg and mushroom very basic but nice! I wanna replicate leh.


Next stop: Alchemist Beer Lab.

They have a basic range of drinks to choose from. Wines, beers and stout.

Here’s the range of infused alcohols. Can ask for a tasting before deciding what you would like to get.

Here’s the alcohol menu. I tried Obama, it’s not sweet but has a very slight fragrance. I liked Last Straw and ordered it without testing others.

A really nice place to chill.


We had supper too. 😂 Tomorrow must control.

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