anniversary – nixon watch

TC got me an anniversary present! Even though I asked him not to because I wanted us to get something else together. 🙂

👦 Guess what I got for you? *Takes out a white box & tries to cover a certain part*
👧 Hmm… *Walao I never buy* 😐
👦 Hur hur. Feel guilty right? Guess what is this…
👧 It’s a Nixon.
👦 😲 How you know???
👧 The logo is right there mah! In the middle.
👦 But I don’t even know the logo looks like this.
👧 Because I’m good with visuals leh. Heh heh.

Actually this is a fake, you see…

😂😂😂😂😂 walao eh! Don’t try to cheat me! He confessed that he really thought it was a fake and contemplated to complain… but then Amazon Japan’s authorized seller, cannot be fake.

Hahahahhaha! Oh my tian. If he really complain hor… 😂😂😂😂😂😂 He will be one of those crazy customer.

I really liked it!!! The wanted to get this watch when I saw it at Okinawa but the logical me told myself that I should not be spending so much when we’re only at the first part of the trip. I just kept standing at the glass display looking at it. 😍 Now I have it. 😍😍

Need to get it resized though. It’s too big for my wrist. 😄


Getting my watch resized now!
I support old watch shops! Lol lol. Actually mostly is because I prefer experienced people like them. ☺

Okay, I didn’t managed to get it resized because they told me that I have to leave it in the shop for a day. They need to pour oil to remove the screw…

I’m like… hell no… what if the oil is yellowish then wouldn’t it get absorbed into in watch. 😣 No no. Not gonna let it happen. I’m gonna look for a shop that holds Nixon watches, I think they would know better.


Chicken porridge! Nom. Having the same chicken soup for 3 days. Haha!

Thin oreos be like… okay lo. Like eating half the biscuit only. If you’re going to get fat anyway, eat the original. Don’t try to cheat yourself.


Woohoo! This hatched!

And I finally got you! Caught dragonite no. 2 right at my office seat too. ✌


I really like this dress I’m wearing. Should I get another from Taobao? The cut and quality damn good la.