tuk tuk cha . pokemon go

I can’t wait to watch this!!! Emma Watson as my favourite Disney princess. 😍


My first proper meal of the day was a very spicy tom yum noodle. Tomorrow sure laosai. Thai milk tea very nice! Not too sweet.

And a shibuya toast. I was sooooo full, I almost puke. Probably the spicy noodle was killing my gastric too. 😖

I think I used up all the calories already.


Went to NTUC twice and I ran out empty handed twice because we wanted to catch pokemon.
First time was this. Snorlax finally!

The second time we ran out was for…

Chansey! Eh! This is even more rare than Snorlax okay. I totally ran across the traffic light. Lol lol. Don’t worry, got green man, I not that crazy to risk my life.

And!!! This one! Electrabuzz! This is like one of the happiest day of my life. Lol lol. So easy to please.

Late night outing with the parents now! Hope can get more nice pokemon. Hehe.


I love mulberry harvesting, right outside the door and they go straight in my mouth. Told TC I wanna plant this at our future place too, so I can eat. Nom nom. Damn, I sound like a glutton.