wedding notes

Finally starting to add some notes in!

I like this notebook, just look at those tabs! I know it’s not very clear on photo but I must say that it’s quite detailed. At least I know I won’t miss the main things. 😄

They even help with the budgeting. 👍

So we have already narrowed down to a few venues, not the best but pocket-friendlier. Lol. And then TC mentioned that why don’t we do it at our empty flat. Raw. No tiles but toilet is usable la. Lol.

Eh. Damn good idea okay. I would totally love that. Imagine all those blessing and happy vibes in the flat, right from the first day of our marriage. 💑 I can even decorate the place myself. The way I wanted it.

Although we would be collecting the keys Q3 2017, it’s kind of risky. 😯 Wanna have our wedding on 10 Aug. Hmm… unless we have tea ceremony and ROM first. Dinner on another day. Lol.


Duck porridge. Nom nom.


TC got these cakes from a new bakery in NEX. Erm… not worth it la. Looks like Japanese but the quality is nothing close. Lol. It’s like neighbourhood quality. Maybe neighbourhood one nicer.

green fingers

Whenever it’s drizzling or the sun is shining too brightly. The guy always puts his cap on my head. 😙


Nom nom. Got runny egg, I happy.

And yay! We’ve got a date with Doctor Strange. Benedict Cumberbatch!


Ok, I’ve secured my spring onions, if not it’s just going to fall all over.

The one beside is growing healthily too! Cut some blades of spring onion, will probably use it tomorrow.

I wanna grow lots of edible plants at our new place, be a bit self-sustainable. Can tell people that the herbs that they are having is from my little garden. 😁

We still have no idea what this is. A bird pooped a seed here and left… so… hmm… 🤔


Haiyo… how is this comfortable?

legendary hong kong

Tried a new place for lunch. It’s pretty not bad for $5, got very diluted drink. Lol!


Dinner finally! At Legendary Hong Kong.
Haha!!! Look at those names. Of course, I have to get one of it.

Omg… the char siew damn nice one! And the sunny-side-up is perfect! Bun very crispy just like what it says on the menu.

TC’s braised pork rib noodle, although the colour don’t look nice but it’s very delicious!

We had a durian pancake too. There’s a lot of whipped cream inside but it tasted good. I did dig some cream out la, if not may be too gelat. Not too sweet, so it was just nice.

random musings

It’s a black Wednesday. Early morning mood spoil liao… for an issue so small… Seriously. 🖕

Wanna destress but 😭… Not nice one.


At least I have my Ninetales liao. PokemonGo update le, some halloween thing going on.

Yay! Got Gengar too!

Oh finally.

random musings

Got my steps tracker! One good thing about my workplace is that people come to you. Lol. Don’t have to go out and queue for it. The bad thing is cannot choose colour, hence the ugly blue. Not sure if I’m going to wear it though. There’s only blue… no black. 🤔 Can wear one watch on each wrist?


Yay! My spring onion so tall already! The other one is also starting to come out. 😄


Oh shit. Milk tea over quota today. I forgot I already had Thai milk tea during tea break.

Maggi goreng pattaya style. 😋

random musings

Love my new sandals from Vincci! Got them for like RM89.90. Most importantly, they’re very comfortable!


Attended a Malay wedding and the food is yum yum.

Where do I find a Chinese buffet wedding ah? Fuss-free. Lol. Best is couple just sit there, wait for people to go over take photos. Hahahahha! 😁

Congrats! 🤗


Ice cream!


Cooked dinner!!

Om nom nom. Best la! Haven’t cooked this for a long time. 😋