Buy a subway sandwich and asked for it to be cut into two portions, so that I can have the same thing for tea.

Ok la. I confess. I need to lose the 1 kg I've gained. Need to make the stomach used to having little food.

Arghhhhhhh… I'm so out of ideas!! BAU (web enhancements) is already enough to kill me for the next year. 😫 Why do I still need to give new initiatives… 😭

Woohoo! Very long never eat already.

Lousy Blastoise in the gym yo~

So I'm going to spend the rest of my day reading this picture book. So much feels. πŸ‘«

The book cover will be perfect with Tifa in it.

I realise I have a very negative work life. I keep looking and finding faults on the website. Walao. Every. Single. Day.

Had a celebratory lunch today, for the new development launch.

Had Peranakan buffet at Sun's Cafe at Grand Pacific Hotel. Wanted to order delivery from Antoinette but Foodpanda cancelled our huge order.


Their pork belly soup is quite good.

Nom nom.

Food is quite good but the variety wasn't a lot.

Don't judge. πŸ˜‚

I'm really starting to feel like an ah ma but this is really much healthier and filling than other biscuits.

I finally tried the gourmet burger!

Damn spicy. Very big too, I had to eat the chicken separately.

#dayrefatties #burger

tanuki raw

Shit. I forgot I don't have any alarm set in my phone and have to sneak out of bed to set my alarm because I don't want to disturb TC's sleep.

Lucky I remember if not I cannot wake up for work.

Finally tried Tanuki Raw!

I had the cafe latte. A little bitter, so I had to add sugar.

And the Superstar Roll; made up of rice, salmon and mentaiko sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese and tempura flakes.

It's pretty good for $11++. It's a good mix between crispy and creamy, can't really taste the mozzarella which is a good thing for me although mozzarella is one of the cheese that I will eat.

#dayrefatties #sushiroll #mentaiko

This is how my dinner looks like.

phone exchange . kilo kitchen . thien kee chicken rice

Simple meal for lunch. It's going to be another heavy meal tonight.

Going to get my new phone today!

Woah. I'm impressed. I just took a queue number and I was told to proceed to the counter. There's a hundred counters here and I'm just glad that mine is only half-way.

Everyone gets a goodie bag. There's a pack of Famous Amos cookies, cotton candy and a bottle of water.

Service recovery very up.

I get to keep my old accessories too. ✌ Yes la!

Not just that. I was also given $30 worth of Capitaland vouchers and a screen protector! I haven't even stick the one which I bought. Lol lol.

And now… I'm just sitting here, using Suntec's free WiFi to setup my phone.

Managed to setup the most basic ones and now there's a gazillion apps waiting to be updated. The WiFi here very slow. Better than nothing, I still need to travel to somewhere else later.

I've already finished the cookies. *hungry

They even have baristas here! Really impressed.

Here's my next stop at Kilo Kitchen!

Nice place with the lights.

The menu… the prices do look ridiculous.

The serving even more ridiculous. This is like half-slab what… lengthwise. Where got full slab? πŸ€”

Meat was tender but I don't think it was awesome.

Crispy pork belly. Not crispy! The skin was tough… difficult to chew.

Lechon is the same thing with a sauce?

The patatas looks interesting, So we ordered. It tasted quite okay but the serving really very small.

The pomelo mango salad… πŸ˜‘ tasted okay but even if we double the serving also not enough for eight.

All those food are like starters. 😐

But then also… I think we left too soon. Like Sarah only arrive for only at most 15 mins then we leave… erm… oh well.

Total was $120. So I think the group not happy with the food and they didn't want to stay any longer.

We ended up here.

Woo… I finally know a fish sauce that's not smelly.

hambaobao . udders

Look! New life from the pot!

We're colour synced today! Sometimes, I think he purposely try to match with me. Lol.

Woohoo! $26 earned!

Here today! Hope can get some nice pokemon.

At the hawker centre! It's at the top of Beauty World Centre.

Gonna try this after seeing so many photos on instagram.

#dayrefatties #hambaobao #burger #pipilabieats

Need to wait 20 mins. 😐

Stole some of TC's saray bee hoon! Yum yum. Just nice, not too spicy and not gelat. Tasted a little teeny bit like laksa.


This will be gone even before I get my burger. Lol. #rojak

Look at this $6 worth of yumminess! Two layers of pork belly with BBQ and mustard sauce. May get quite gelat because of the fat, I even took some fats out while eating.

#burger #hambaobao #roastporkbelly

Cripspy pork belly burger is $5, add on fries for $1.
The fries are made by the cook himself, hence don't expect crispy fries. These are fresh soggy fried fries but definitely nice.

Wanted to try this but… the people don't look like they are leaving soon.

So erm… ended up having ice cream instead. The shop here is interesting!

It's the 'In Case Of…' shop. Lol!

There's so many of them in the shop.

Need to catch more vulpix so I can has nine tales!

And here I am waiting in a long queue to just try on one jumpsuit. Because $30 and I refuse to just pay and go. Will regret if the cutting is not right.

Weee… this one is nice!

TC wants to play this.

Ended up with 5 of my most hated character. All pink. Omg…. what do I do with so many of them?

Lucky can change everything for one squirtle. This one so much cuter! #byebyekitty

Dinner time!

Slurp! #ramen

Oh damn it. I NEED THIS!

Another desperate attempt for the eyes.


Spending time with the bunny before I head to work.

Pikachu is on my shoulder after 10km! Woot woot! #PokemonGo

Tea break is awesome.

Made a quick dinner while TC was sleeping. No veggie in the fridge so I can only cook with whatever was in the fridge.

Really the best thing to have with my oat porridge.

This is what I got from The Little Drom Store yesterday! I couldn't find this when I visit Mary Lou in Bangkok. So happy when I saw this! $52 though but worth it. 😁

They have the other designs too, so head there if you want something from Mary Lou.

I need a holiday to escape all the crazy work. πŸ™

Here's a fake Tokyo Banana that the boss bought when he was in Tokyo.



craftholic x kki cafe

This will be the targeted day for both of us. πŸ‘«

Which also happens to be Chobi's birthday if she was still here with us.

Finally in my navy culottes that I got from Uniqlo Japan. And the comfortable pair of rose gold shoes from Bangkok!

I tried to toast my failed cake into cookies and it tasted better. Lol.

And so I've been addicted to this manga since yesterday. Hahahhaha! Addicted to curry.

#dayremangaclub #manga

It's like Yakitate Japan! Because they provide recipes inside.

This is one of the recipes. Green tea curry somehow sounds yummy.

Craftholic x Kki Cafe

This two brands have collaborated together to set up a themed cafe until November.

#dayrefatties #craftholic

Here's the place!


There's only two savoury items to choose from.

You can get craftholic merchandise in store too!

Haiyooo.. this one sho cute.




Here comes the food.

I had the roasted chicken sandwich with truffled potato chips.

It was not bad but not super amazing.

Mango parfait was alright. Sorbet was.just nice but I don't like the cream below…

Shared desserts too!

Cheesecake is okay.
Matcha pancake may be a little dry.

ι’±εŒ…, ζˆ‘ε―ΉδΈθ΅·δ½ γ€‚

This is what happens when I have a sudden change of lunch plans. It becomes my dinner.

I really cannot work with people who cannot think with common sense. Even worse when they cannot explain their problems properly.

Keep ask what they want, they cannot give a proper reply one leh! Then actually the whole team is expecting a for different reply.πŸ–•Why you all cannot sync??? Why???

Ah lunch. Makes everything better.