seoul day 4

Shopping at Ewha.

Of course I bought clothes, which girl doesn’t? Didn’t really buy a lot though because they look pretty much the same: off shoulder, ready for summer… not for work.

Spent most of my money on…

These! My dark eye circles are horrible. I hope they can save me. The reviews on web are good, so… please work. 🙏


This shall hold sheet masks in place while I do other stuffs.

So pretty! How do I resist? 😍

This is the most awesome food I had in Korea. Shop’s name is 공릉닭한마리.

Or maybe I was just craving for soupy stuff. Lol.

Shop front.

I took this image from Foursquare. Lol.

Floor seating.

You have to order at least 1 chicken and it is enough for 2 people, includes porridge too.

One chicken is ₩19,000.


The chicken is very well cleaned, the skin is very smooth. 👍 Really thumbs up to them for handling the chicken so well.

#dayrefatties #chickensoup

Very tender.

The soup is very good too. It’s seasoned with minimal salt, so if you like it to be more salty.. add more yourself.

There’s also rice cakes and potato slices in it.

Even the kimchi is bagus! Ask for more if you want.

I don’t dare to touch the chilli. Koreans really no joke when you ask for spicy.

After we are done with the chicken. The ladies will add a bowl of rice to the leftover soup.

Waiting for it to cook.

Add in the seaweed and egg.

This is seriously good stuff. If I wasn’t full, I would have asked for more. 😋


Bing su is something I will never ever understand. I tried once and I condemned it forever already.

Why do people like it huh? It’s just tasteless ice with things added on top. Very expensive too. I mean… just eat ice kacang la, so cheap.

But this one is snow ice okay. Taiwan version. Lol. Milk tea flavoured leh!!! 😍

Waaa… this one is good. I approve! 👍👍👍👍👍


On the map.

#dogs #puppies

Huge husky. So beautiful. 😍



So nice to touch! Lol.

The person who has the treats, gets the dogs.

Spot the realistic dog.

Seriously this dog ignores everyone in the room until someone starts taking treats out and he does this to get the attention.

This is how it looks like if we ever have a dog in the house. Lol.

This dog makes me feel like a dog whisperer. Hahahhaahah! It keeps coming to me and snuggles against me. Even when the other dogs get into some kind of argument, it stays calm.


Unloaded shopping loots.

Had a pack of potato chips and this is finally something that’s not just sweet.



They have this egg pancake. I like how the nuts go well with it.

Grilled chestnuts! Which I saved until the next day. Lol.

Chir Chir Chicken

I had a berry soda, while he had a Cass beer. He said this is the nicest beer that he ever had but I still don’t like it.

It did enhance the taste of my drink after I poured some in. Haha.

Creamed corn and crackers.

It’s here!

Just to show how big it was.

Next time, I will do my stir-fries with lots of garlic and chilli. Yum yum.

By the way, if you realised. We had 2 chickens today. Lol. Wtf.

#pipilabieats #friedchicken

#pipilabitravels #korea #seoul

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