seoul day 3. everland

We're off!

To Everland!

This was the voucher that we got from the tour agency.

And it was changed to these.

#pipilabitravels #korea #seoul #everland #dayretravel

Eat first. The food here is quite affordable if you ask me. $11 for these. Quite yummy too.


There's a lot of kids. A lot if I compare it with Japan's Disneyland and most of them has the annual membership.

There are so so so many pretty flowers here!

#dayreflowers #hydrangeas


I thought I wouldn't be able to see hydrangea fields but this is better than nothing!








Little Tifa look-a-like wants to join too.

Fluffy looking flowers.

They have the nice smell of chrysanthemums.



I lost my 360° camera. Wtf. Why did I had to spoil the trip at this time…


We kept tracking back our foot steps to look for it. Seriously. Wtf.

Tried the so called Lost & Found counter, TC ask for whether they have gotten a camera but the lady said no.

I was so ready to just give it up and tried very hard to tell myself that it's alright… I don't want to spoil the trip.

But TC kept going on.

Because I definitely felt affected. It was a new camera that I enthusiastically bought for the trip.

I'm glad he persevered.

Went to the Lost & Found one more time.

While TC was trying to detect for the camera with his phone. I went to the lady again. This time I asked for a little black pouch.

And there it is!

I cried tears of joy. Never felt so relieved before.


This is the place where I realise my camera was missing.


And I took pictures of these pandas while I was fixing my mood. 😣







The polar bear must be very bored, it kept doing the same flip over and over again.









Witness the birth of a newborn. ✌






Fennec foxes are so cute!



Got on this safari ride!

It can get in water too!

We can get really up close with the animals, the host of the ride even fed the giraffe and it's head has to come very close to get the food.

Damn cool.

TC has the pictures.




More snacks!

The bunnies weren't very well kept. At least they were out of the reach of kids.

Guinea pigs.

Lambs. That one is taking a piss.

Little chicks.


There was a parrot area too.

Water themed parade.

They really do splash water. When the wind blows, we will get some of it too.

Must run very far to watch. Lol.

They have very everlasting features everywhere which they can use for all seasons and occasions.


The place where you can see flowers everywhere.



I call them puffballs.


Fluffy purple flowers.

With the hydrangeas!

Mini Everland


Lots of bulbs in here.



Rose Garden

The place smells very nice.

Although the roses aren't the prettiest. Lol. You probably can only find a pretty one out of a hundred.



Another snack! Sweet and spicy fried chicken stick.

Never had slurpee for a long time.

The cake from the cafe was surprisingly yummy.

We're just waiting for the sun to set, so that we could see the lighted rose garden.

Beautiful colours in the sky.

The sun is finally setting at 8pm!


The roses are now lighted!



It was colourful alright.

Lots of lights. In fact a little too many lightbulbs.

It wasn't as magical as disney. 😳

That doesn't mean Everland is not good okay. It has a bit of everything a kid wants; zoo, flowers, fun and games… just the experience at the zoo itself is much better than SG's zoo. 😒

It's even darker to see the lighted roses.

TC bought me a rose! I guess he's never going to buy me real flowers… 😞

Better than nothing! 😄

This rose is scented okay, looks and feels very real like an Ecuador rose. 👍

Thought can watch fireworks but this is just an animation which I don't understand at all. I fell asleep.

We had to continue sitting at the same position for the next 45 mins after this to wait for the fireworks.

Oh yeah!

Better than NDP.



He says it's spicy.


Very safe. Non-spicy at all. Lol.

The eggs that I bought.

This tasted like something… but I can't remember.

Takoyaki flavour.

It's good but a bit too sweet.

Don't know why Koreans like that tidbits to be sweet. I'm just not able to get any salty one.

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