seoul day 2

This was our breakfast from Okinawa. LOL!
Garlic flavour and it's the best out of all that I've bought.

Makeup quite on point today.

Gyeongbukgong Palace was our first stop but alas… the weather wasn't good to us.

Went to the Museum's cafe for lunch, hoping the rain will stop by the time we are done.


I really should go back and learn how to make that radish.

This was pictured on a plate in the menu… now we have to open the pack ourselves.

I like it dipped with a little bibimbap sauce! Sweet and salty. 👍

TC's bibimbap because most of the other food had beef in them.

And my glass noodles! It tasted good, just that the beef is kind of tough.

Still raining, so we took a look at the Museum. You know… see the history of Korea.

Still raining…

Not going in already since the rain has spoilt it. Difficult to enjoy anything in the rain.

Going get tickets for Everland!

From here because they have 25% off now, not inclusive of transport. Tickets will last for 2 months but of course we are not staying that long.

This place is at level 3 of Hotel President.

Went to Lotte World, mostly because I wanted to see how the place looks like especially after seeing it on dramas.

But… the shops there very atas. We left soon after.

I did have a red bean bun there. Lol. My tummy was acting up and I needed to eat.

COEX Mall was next. Things here are more affordable.

But first! Coffee!

This chocolate fudge cake is very good!

This is my Jeju Hangrabong Honey Tea.

👧 Hang-ra-bong. Hang-ra-bong~
👦 You order yourself, I see how you pronounce it.
👧 Ok!

Goes to the counter

👧 Jeju Honey Tea, hot.


Red Belgian Mocha also very nice.

There's this shop, Bütter. I love that shop, it's so damn awesome.

Buy all the plates!!!

The teapot damn cute. The price very very affordable too.

I shopped at least 3 rounds in here. Lol.

The aquarium was closed by the time we got there, thought I could catch a glimpse of Samuel the Octopus, given to the aquarium by Conan O'brien. Lol.

I could see this pufferfish though!

Some loots I got today.

This sparkly watch from Latem.

The shop has very very pretty bags and accessories.

And a little horoscope necklace from Redeye.

#pipilabitravels #korea #seoul #dayretravel


It's BBQ. It's BBQ. *dances*

This shop. It's opened by somebody famous? Think I've seen him on a show before.

Red hot charcoal.

Menu small and cute.

Basic condiments.

Egg was fluffy.

We had pork belly, pork shoulder and all that beef for myself.

Pork belly was alright.

Pork shoulder was really good. Beef is pretty good too, maybe I've overcooked it a little.

#dayrefatties #pipilabieats #koreanbbq

Bought desserts from Paris Baguette!



Nom nom.

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