kotobuki coffee

So many flowers near TC's block now. 😍

We're here because we got coupons for free Japanese cold drip coffee!

I like the logo.

Okay, verdict. This is not for the usual cafe hoppers because the coffee is for 'gu niangs'. Which means the coffee here is weak and I like it.

Tadaa! We will have one cup each since it's free. By the way, this is $6.80 each.

Katsu don. Which is pretty good. TC likes it.

Close up of the yumminess.

His katsu don comes with a salad and soup of the day (minestrone).

My katsu sandwich!

I totally love this, just look at how juicy the meat is, even though it is fats. Lol.

Damn. I already contemplating when I can come here for lunch myself during weekdays already. 😂

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Here's the address. They have restaurants at other areas too.

Ps. I saw Jayne Tham and Vernon from Muttons (back view only) in the cafe too while we were making payment. She very pretty leh. 😄

Lookie! I got new bunny!

Please! If anyone knows where I can find Insane Snowball, please let me know. 🙇 I must have that too. #crazybunnylover

We've already trained Tifa to have dinner on the bed, so we can see her begging for food up close. 😆

She damn cute one. 😍 #tifarabbit
#dayrepets #rabbit #bunny

Gonna try another flavour of the honey cake! Expired liao but don't care, still looks safe to eat. 😅

Can taste the green tea but I think the original honey cake still nicer leh. Lol.

Japanese snack!

TC's favourite kind of snack. He attempted to steal everything. 😤

Only $2.50. So much cheaper than Blackball and this stall at Paya Lebar Square is better than the one at Ang Mo Kio.

Get their signature if you want to try a little bit of everything. I do find the bean toppings too sweet and the beancurd is like lao ban's… a bit disappointed because not normal tauhuey.

Visited Decathlon to see how cheap their sports items are.

Really affordable and quality is good, only maybe the shoes are not of the best quality. The rest are pretty much ok. Don't look 'cheena' so I confirm is okay. Lol.

Dinner at Bedok Interchange Food Centre before we head to Ikea! The porridge quite watery, not thick enough for my liking.

How is it possible to not eat when we're here.

Bye diet.

Die. #dayrefatties

I'll be seeing the dentist tonight. He's going to do some filling. I'm not scared of the pain but the thought of the procedure… especially the drilling… argh…

Me leh! I've never been scared of needles since young. I would even look at those who kept crying when it was their turn for injection and feel very amazed. Because really! Why they cry huh? Just needle only mah. 😒 Cry until like got somebody die.

Aiya. I think I'll bring a little plush along to squeeze when there's drilling.

Meal before the dentist. 😣

I'm more worried that I can't eat more than the pain. Hahahajah!

That was fast. Only 30 mins.
Chey. Not scary at all. Scare myself only.

I wanna go back, look in the mirror and see my clean teeth. Lol!

Of course I had to eat! No pain what! Means can bite and chew on anything. 😆

Just saw my tooth. Yay! No more decay! 😙

Today I went into a room filled with post-its and… I got lots of work to do… 😂

I went Tokutokuya again. Thought I could get some instant food to make dinner. Clear the last pack of udon in the fridge.

Oyako don mix and a mentaiko thingy.

I wanted to mix the mentaiko thing in my udon but it smells so bad… I washed my udon under tap water. It's just salt and milk. Blergh. I threw the rest away.

So I've heated up the oyako don mix.

A bit sad lo. It's just stew like.

At least it smells good.

It's only 10pm and I already feel like the most sleepy person in the whole world.

I don't even have energy to turn on the fan.

I'm still hungry too… should I go stream some buns?

By the way, does stress cause the metabolix rate to go higher?

Oh… yes it does.

I shall snack on this new mentaiko snack that I just bought while I wait for the buns to steam.

Killing somebody in my mind over and over again. 😡

5 ways to be a team player at work.

Somebody doesn't understand point 4 and 5.

Everyone has their own KPIs and why would she think that hers is more important than anyone else's?

One word. Selfish.

And I could easily name out at least 3 KPIs that I have. Oh? How many do you have? And you don't want to do any BAU when everyone else needs to do it?

I eat good food to get rid of angry thoughts

Because I need comfort food.

Got my belated birthday present!

Thanks everybody! You know who you are. 😉

Unwrapping it.


Yay!!! Another item from my list checked. 😍😍😍

I forgot that I have a new colleague coming in today and I packed lunch. Alamak. Bo bian, I saved it for dinner instead.

But I'm pretty amazed.

I cooked this at 9am (yes, I totally overslept…) and I had this at 7.30pm. It was still warm. Still got steam coming out one leh. Omg. I'm glad that I have invested in a really good item. Money well-paid.

Wondering what I did today. My makeup is actually holding up well. Hmm… 😞

I'll be heading straight to bed. Brain overfried. 😵

Here's a not so healthy fried bee hoon. 😂 Char kway teow style.


Another shop like Daiso! Everything is $2! Another place for me to say bye bye to my money. Lol.

They have more stuffs, I think… for certain categories.

They have a Calbee Heaven. 😍

This drink!!

Yay! Can replace my old dresser bins.

Things for my work day lunches.

Gotta try that Calpis marshmallow.

More mentaiko for me!

Some beauty products. ✌

I spent $31 in total. 😂

Hualong Tze Cha again!

How come this is better than the last time I had this? 😕

Finally tried the fish head steamboat! The soup is really nice.

Wooo… even the deer meat is good. You can see our usual salted egg sotong at the back, that one really cannot miss out. Haha.

Chilling with Tifa.

This kind of counts at in my arms, right? 😁 She will come, ask for sayang and lay right next to us now. Spoilt brat. Lol lol.

One of the smartest thing that I have done today is wearing a jumper, plus a sweater over it.

Go toilet how ah?

👏 Come, I clap for myself.

Because they say so.

I only eat the beef chilli cheese fries whenever I am here. Lol. I probably only had their burgers once or twice?

Look what I found! Okinawa drink!

Dinner round 2? 😂😂😂😂

two chefs eating place

Impromptu lunch with the guy! Yay!

Tried yong tau foo at a new place (at least it is new to me). Taste okay, just like any other foodcourt yong tau foo.

Must buy min 8 pieces, $4.80. That's a lot. 😵

Impromptu dinner with Sarah and Long again. How come got so many impromptu? 😅 *shrug*

Wanted to go to the new Timbre but it was so crowded and the people looks like they are not going to leave anytime soon. Because all of them just wants to sit there and chill.

There's a lot of variety of food though, should go there earlier next time.

We ended up at Two Chefs Eating Place, which we thought is a hipster place but we were wrong. Hahahha… just a small coffeeshop.

We must have been starved for too long.

Honey chicken, fragrant and tasty. 👍👍👍

Three eggs spinach, just look at that sauce/soup, thick and creamy. 👍👍👍

I can't comment for butter pork ribs though, it's just sweet milk powder… I not fan of milk. The pork rib itself is nice.

I think the salted egg sotong was alright only.

The hotplate tofu was really good and they don't use egg tofu. 👍👍👍

We ordered 7 dishes, including a fried rice and a soup. Total was only $69. Very cheap! Omg.

#pipilabieats #tzecha #butterporkribs #marmitechicken #saltedegg #dayrefatties

Round 2: Drinks at Barossa

Chit chat talk rubbish session.

And this is Round 3.

I was sleepy already… too many late nights. Lol. 😪