japan day 5 – okinawa, korea day 1 – seoul

This is the last time I’m having breakfast for this Okinawa trip. 😧 Let me show you the huge omelette! The frying pan must be very big.

Mentaiko pasta, although the pasta wasn’t what I have hoped for but better than nothing.

Mentaiko toast later.


Lychees not very good.


Checked out of hotel and now we are checked in at the airport. Going Seoul next!
Had a jelly drink before the flight!

Conclusion for Okinawa.
Okinawa is like Phuket for the Japanese, Taiwanese and Koreans but a lot better because it’s Japan. Lol. Cleaner and more organised.

I want to come back again. Maybe for 1 full week, after TC has gotten his driving license. There’s many other parts of Okinawa that I wanna go but there’s no transport unless we are rich enough to always take cab…

Hotel was good but the bed not so… we always wake up feeling tired. The bed was uncomfortable.


Getting on board!

I like how their shopping catalogue looks like a floral catalogue.

Bye Okinawa 👋 Wait for me! I will be back!


Annyeonghaseyo from Seoul!

Ooh. My luggage is security ensured. 👍


My first meal in Korea!
Actually it’s just some food from the Airport’s convenience store. Haha!

One side sweet, one side spicy. Best of both worlds. Yum yum.

Egg and luncheon meat roll. Ok ok only.

First drink! Lol… wtf.

So boyfriend bought the Airport limousine tickets. ₩15,000 each. It will be cheaper if you take train… It will only be like ₩4,250 each to our destination.

The bus that we took.

Wooo… very comfortable seats. That’s why so expensive also.


At Hotel Morning Sky.

The room is big.

Standard toilet. No bathtub.

We can finally wash clothes!! Yay!
Let me show you the most incredible thing.

One full fridge!!! Omg… hahahha!!! Don’t think I can fill it with that much food though.

Thanks to my Sis for lending me her Cashbee card!

Snack first!

It’s a sausage wrapped in bread, breaded with breadcrumbs and fried. Yum.

Boyband thing going on here. I have no idea who they are.

We have no idea what to eat for dinner. Like againnnnn… lol
Ended up at this dumpling restaurant because it smells good.

Huge kimchi dumpling. Very spicy.

We shared a anchovy stock chopped noodles too. Not bad. The soup a bit too salty though.

Takeaway for supper!

Ah Xiang was here.

Give us the wrong item. Lol. This one is more expensive too. But the spicy flavour is really too hot for us to handle, we threw away the leftovers.

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