japan day 4 – okinawa . arts museum

Breakfast again! Sorry, I promise this will be over once I leave Okinawa tomorrow. 🙇

Porridge today! See that heap of mentaiko?

Mentaiko porridge! 🎉

Eggs in fish on a bed of eggs.

Yoohoo! Mentaiko toast! I’m so gonna have mentaiko everything tomorrow.


I bought this last night. I hope it helps maintain some of my weight and don’t gain too much during these 2 weeks.

My face rounder, right? Right?
Omg. 😱


We’re going to explore the area around the hotel.


Wefie. 👫

Here’s a clearer picture of the hotel.

Arts museum next.

The building itself is an art.

Taking a look at the history of Okinawa. ¥440 per pax but if you have the monorail passes, it’s only ¥330.

Wooo… nice…

Small bird.

Skeleton of manatee aka dugong. They really have ‘hands’!

Lol lol. Human chasing the deer.


Shellfish that boiled. 😂 Very helpful, thanks.

I thought they looked the same but actually has so many different types. 😞

This one so cute! It’s a water dropper. Don’t know drop for what.

Flourescent stones.


This mall has toy’r’us and a supermarket.


To the next mall! That’s just beside the previous.
This place has Muji, Uniqlo, Daiso and a very big sports shop. We bought quite a few stuffs here and I managed to find green tea powder for baking in the supermarket!

We had lunch in the foodcourt.

TC’s curry rice.

And mine, the loco moco.

Why their plants so pretty one? Why?


This bag is so so so pretty, can. Omg. I had to psycho myself so much… I don’t want to spend $50 on a bag that I may not use often.


Travelled back to Main Place.
Bought juices.

White peach was yummeh. Blueberry was alright.

Bought rockmelon for ¥380! Quite expensive but nevermind. They even have the sweetness of the melon indicated.


Unloaded and rested in the hotel for an hour before we head out.


Dinner at the shopping street. Couldn’t find anything to eat, although I wanted BBQ initially but it’s so common everywhere. Okinawa food restaurants are everywhere too…

We ended up at A&W again and we totally don’t mind at all. Lol.
Yeah!!! We got one float each! Which we probably regretted later.

I ordered the A&W burger, while TC had the same thing again. This is so so so sooooooo good. The beef patty was well grilled, plus the bacon… perfect! The cheese was alright but it was too thick, very jelak for me.

Float selfie!

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