japan day 3 – okinawa . shuri castle

Pictures of my breakfast again!
Firstly, let me show you the spread from the breakfast counters.

Scrambled eggs and pasta.

Ham and sausage.


Salad bar.

The yummy cinnamon french toast. There are also a few choices of bread, soup and porridge to choose from.

The curtain gives a nice touch for the ambience.

This is what I’m having today!!!

There’s Okinawa udon and I had a weak coffee.

Just had to make something special.


We left the hotel only at 1pm. Lol. Because I was busy dayre-ing.
Anyways, here are the prices for the 1 or 2 days monorail passes and I have confirmed that the ticket starts from the time you get it.

Yay! That means we can use it until we leave Okinawa. Heh heh. Can truly make good use of it. By the way, monorail fees aren’t cheap. Just from the airport to our hotel which is 11 stops away, like 20 mins, is already ¥300. Which is $3.90 SGD?


We’re heading to Shuri Castle. But first, lunch.

This restaurant is popular for their Okinawa udon, which looks like soba because they are not the usual thick white udon. The place may look closed but you’ll see a huge sign outside that says they are open. Just open the door…

The menu is in Japanese and it’s hand written. Lol! Cannot use google translate. Luckily their food is quite standard. Just udon in different sizes, fried rice, onigiri and only 1 side dish which was sold out. The lady can explain with a few actions and simple english.

Very small and cosy shop.

Although the soup is plain and simple. The fish cake is quite good, it’s a little more chewy and sweeter. While the pork slices are tender and flavourful. It was really really good. We order the medium size to share. ¥500.

We had a fried rice good. ¥200. Simple yummy food. Quite filling for us.


Shuri Park
Had to walk quite a distance from the Shuri Station.

Wooooow~ What a scenic place.

There’s so many ducks too.

It was funny watching this duck trying to go down the stairs.

I thought this guy was a duck whisperer.

Until I sat down myself…

And now I’m the duck whisperer. 😂

The cat keeps watching the duck. 😞

Then it came over while TC was looking for something in his bag.
‘Sorry mate, no food here.’

The back of the castle. Lol.


Shuri Castle. Now we’re getting in!

Rest area.

There’s aircon and fans inside. The only downside is the loud tourists.

But still… always good to have portable fans and battery chargers for the hot weather.

We didn’t go inside the castle… ¥880 for the ticket to go in. If you have monorail day pass, it will be ¥750.

Anyways, didn’t go in because we googled and the place doesn’t look worthed it. Most pictures… are just like these… Plus, too many loud tourists in there. They are just going to spoil the trip.


We had ice cream instead.

4 different flavours on one cone! Cherry, mango, purple sweet potato and I think the last one should be vanilla. 😋

Ok, time to head back.

Why Japan’s houses so pretty one?

TC calls these the bunny flowers because the white petals look like bunny ears.


Aeon Mall
Found a mentaiko snack in a old-school tidbits shop! Tasted just like the one from Daiso.


There’s a foodcourt and it consists of stalls like Lotteria, Gindako, Sukiya…
Students actually study in the foodcourt.

I had a beef bowl.

While TC had pork. I think beef is more fragrant.

Here’s a Okinawa drink! Just guava juice la. Lol!


I shopped at Uniqlo! The flare skants that i wanted is only like SGD$69 here. SGD $10 cheaper. Guy’s stuffs are somehow more expensive here, don’t know why. We compared prices with the online shop.

Saw this… ¥20,000. Next watch to target!


Gonna try their seasonal drink. Shekwasha green tea.

I feel cheated. When I order seasonal drinks… it’s always lime tea. Damn, LIME TEA. 😤


Don Quijote
Yay! Got my instant soups!!! At a sale price too.

This too.


And a huge cuttlefish snack.

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