japan day 2 – okinawa . kouri island . bise fukugi namiki . churaumi aquarium . cape manza

Today got runny egg yolk for breakfast!

Fishes are good. Those at the back are Japanese yam balls for the acquired taste buds.

Having the Okinawa specialties again. Yes, luncheon meat is a special. Lol. The one at the front, don’t know what it is but it’s good.

Fruits too.


Heading out to get to the tour bus meeting point.


There’s audio but it’s useless. I can’t hear anything, it keeps breaking.

Toilet break. The sky looks like it’s gonna rain today too.


First stop: Kouri Island. There’s a small beach.

Basically, you just come here to look at the scenery and flowers.

Spotted a horse!


Second stop: Bise Fukugi Namiki

The trees are along the pathways. Very pretty place but it’s very hot too.

Cute shisas but no shopkeeper in sight.

Walked to an area where we could see the beach! There’s wind!


Third stop: Churaumi Aquarium

The weather was very very unforgiving.

Got our tickets!

This lobster is huge and it has hairy legs.

The kissy fish. Lol.

Here’s a cuttlefish.

Jelly fish.

Angel jellyfish.

We went to check out the whale shark. It’s enormoussssss… I know you can’t see it in this small photo. Lol.
But yes. Enormousssss~ 😃

Look at that manta ray! Probably longer than my height. It’s swimming above the whale shark…

We managed to get a table at the cafe beside the ‘tank’. Hello, affordable food! Thanks for making it a better experience for poor people like me. Lol. Anyways, you can see human heads at the bottom of the pic and the whale shark is swimming pass.

Tried Okinawa’s specialty, Taco Rice. This is like ¥600 or ¥700? It’s just alright. I think nacho cheese doesn’t go well with rice. 😕

TC had a braised meat in pita pocket with chips. Miserable amount of chips. Poor guy, he thought he could share the taco rice but he didn’t know there’s beef in it.

Forced the guy to send me this picture. Haha!!! Anyways… look at thattttt… so awesome!

Try spotting me with that 360° camera. Lol! I’m sorry if you happen to be there at that time and I spoilt your photo like how I spoilt the TC’s. 😶

The cheeky stingray that keeps playing on the curved glass. Swims up and slides down the glass. Lol. Or maybe it was just trying to eat us.

This deep sea fish has very huge eyes!

Specimens from the sea.

Big place but not big enough for the fishes.

Went to see the mantees aka dugong aka mermaids. Lol. Today I learnt that they use their fins to kind of hold their food while eating.

And they have some fur.

This one keeps entertaining us with her flips.

Look at her. Ya, I know it’s a her. They use their fins to ‘crawl’ under water too!

The park keeps misting outdoors because it is very very hot. Although Singapore may be even hotter than this. 😂

Anyways… why my guy so shuai here? 😍 lol.

I don’t know which Okinawa island that is but I call it the Nipple Island.


Fourth stop: Okashi Goten
Basically it’s a place that sells Okinawa’s purple sweet potato snacks.

We were given one each to try before we reach the place.

Can see how the tarts are produced here. I can only see how the tarts are packaged at the time we reach. Lol. Bought a small box of the purple sweet potato snack, not the tarts because that would easily break apart in my luggage.


Last stop: Cape Manza
So bright, you can’t see the sea line but I assure you… this place is gorgeous.

Already thinking about whether we could come back here to take wedding photos. Lol.

That famous elephant cliff on most pictures.

Some pretty flowers too.


We shopped at the 藥 mart after the tour ended.
I did buy a pack of tax free stuffs like make up powder, hada labo… but I cannot open the bag until I leave Japan. So I’ll update those another day.

Bought chopsticks for days we feel like having supermarket food.

I’m thinking this is brown sugar flavour?
Anyway, the mentaiko flavour which I bought yesterday… has like cheese flavouring in it.

Bonito flavour.


Rested for a few hours before going to the supermarket for food!

You can’t see it but I have one whole box of fresh mentaiko inside the yakisoba. Muahahahaha!

And a big Fuji apple! Yumz. ¥198 for this.

Our dinner totaled up to ¥1,600 which is quite cheap for the variety already.

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