Remember the collagen pills that I bought 2 days back? So I took a max dose for that night.

Yesterday my face looks so much better. Even better than when I took the Kinohimitsu stem cells collagen drink.

I didn't take the pills last night because I went to bed right after I was done rearranging flowers. My heart couldn't take it no more.

This morning I woke up looking prettier than I was yesterday. What sorcery is this? But I like it. 😍

Seems like I'm going to take this for a long long time. Heh heh.

If anybody wants to try, I can pass some to you. It's good. Trust me. 😆

Pictures of the rearranged flowers!

This is my favorite combi out of all 3. So pretty!

Orange and yellow comes together. I a bit anyhow put in, never put in any effort to properly arrange. Lol.

And this… I'm really not a huge fan of matthiolas and they don't smell nice. Turn out not bad with the leftover leaves. 😌

Looks like I still have my skills as a florist. Anybody wants to order flowers from me? I don't mind earning some extra cash. 😎


Good news today!

My weight is now 49.8!!! Yippee!!! So apparently I'm now on my way to 49. This is gonna take quite a while since I'll be having a lot of fun soon. Lol.

Lunch while the guy decides which tv to get.

Got pretty flowers!

We're going to try these flavours from Magnum.

Both flavours are awesome. Honeycomb tasted a little like creme brulee.

Some exercise done! ✔