Look at my new bunny shoes!!! Got puffy ears and fluffy tail! Oh my gawd… Now I can't decide to bring this pair or my comfortable feiyue for the upcoming trip… 😞

Omg… my oat porridge so good today. 😍

Yay! Curry chee cheong fun dinner!!! 😍

This tofu thing very nice. In fact, damn nice. Imagine fried tau pok and kee outside and soft fish tofu paste inside. Waaa… heaven.



Damn it… the chocolate green tea looks really good. I shall see how I can include this in my diet tomorrow. 💪

Yeah!!! Bring me all the food! #dayrefatties

Add egg tarts too. 😍

next door deli

My weight went up again after my guasha session yesterday. 😧😧😧😧😧

I hope it goes off soon.

Wanted to go Nakhon Thai but the queue was quite long. Decided on Next Door Deli since the reviews are pretty good too.

Self-service. So I got my own drink and dessert first.

#pipilabieats #dayrefatties

They have chocolate coated brownie! If you know Ikea used to have this brownie bar, I think it's from Pine Garden… and yes… chocolate coated. 😋

This is their popular fish & chips. Only $7.90? I think. No batter was used but the fish is still crispy on the outside. 👍

I absolutely loved their half roasted chicken. Skin crispy, tender meat and nice roasted fragrance. $8.90 for this!

Top up $2.50 for a cold drink and dessert or $3.50 for a hot drink and dessert. There's a soup version too but I don't remember the price.

Breakfast before I head for my dental appointment.

A bit scared leh… what if they take out a drill. 😨

I'm not scared of the pain but I don't like the sound of drilling. 😵 It's scary…

By the way!! My weight has finally got to 50kg!! Yay!!! Which means I have lost 5kg so far. ✌

Tried the spinach soup. Spinach was better, so the soup was also bitter but it's alright. Boyfriend liked it because it was hot and soupy for his running nose.


ramen champion . churros 101

Having dinner with Mum and Sis.


Top left: Buta God. Spicy Sukiyaki Ramen. The soup is light and sweet. May be quite spicy even though it's only level 1.

Botton right: Tonkotsu Ikkyu. Black Ramen. Thick creamy pork broth with a grilled meat fragrance. Huge piece of pork belly char siew. Good if you like fatty meat because it melts in your mouth.

Had churros too! Cinnamon sugar and dark chocolate. I definitely loved the dark chocolate. Mmmmm…

Cinnamon sugar may get jelat after some time.

This was lunch. Lazy to go out. I’m so otaku until I don’t even want to get out of office. 😛

Walao. My face really need help le. No glow even with make up on. 😧

I hope they’ll work their magic.

This mark the day where I first take ProWhite! It’s suppose to help wity dark eye circle. Please work your magic, please!

Jade massage stick from Myanmar! I stole it from boyfriend. Hiak hiak. Very cheap leh, this is like 5 bucks?

And I finally bought a new water bottle. The colours quite synchronised now. 👍

Very happy because I have stingray in my soup! Portion the rest for future lunches too. ✌

I won these! *giggles* Because my colleague and I are the top spenders, we collate our purchases and buy together. ✌

Buy stuff, win stuff. So much win. 😄

1 more month to the trip! I hope time can fast forward but better not also, I dunno how to clear so much work in such a short time.

Gonna get myself some star sand when I'm there.

angry birds burger

Here because of this burger.

So red, so cute. So spicy, so evil. 😈

I pretty much like it, the sauce has a nice fragrance but very spicy. Lol. What attracted me to this other than the red bun, is the egg. 😅

#pipilabieats #superredburger #angrybirdsburger #dayrefatties

So spicy. Rawrrr!

Cafe-hop with Mum and Sis before we head for our facial!

Heading for dinner together with Sarah now! Spot my birthday present part 1 from Boufriend! I don't know how many other parts there are yet. Hehe. 😄

Dinner was a very massive affair. 😋

Then we were to take a look at our future flat. Looking good. 👍