japan day 7. kyoto. kiyomizu-dera

Today we are going Kiyomizu-dera Temple!

It’s a beautiful day.

The reviews for efish are good on Foursquare, so we ended up here for breakfast.

It’s another designer store plus cafe.

Quite a good selection.

Seated right beside the full-length open window.

The view that we are looking at.

Got cranes to see.

And a flying one.

The designer stuffs.

Tea and coffee pots.

I’m still quite addicted to ‘gu niang’ coffee but the coffee here is thick and rich.

We had a cream soup.

And a tuna avocado sandwich. This is good. I wanna replcate this.

I’m starting to love Kyoto for being a quiet and serene place. I could just sit in the cafe the whole day.

And we are on our way.

We kept walking straight up.

Stepped into a little shop that sells bowls, plates and some other small ceramics.

This is what I bought 😄

We just kept following the crowd. Gotta go up a slope.


Beautiful trees.

Crowded. 😮

I didn’t write down my wishes here.

I wonder what are those strips of paper that people are tying.

We prayed. Just follow what the person in front of us is doing.

Got construction going on. 😐

Getting tickets so we could get in.


Here got a guan yin.

The guan yin is actually in a middle of the well. Then this is the small window for praying.

All that detailing.

Kids trying to carry the heavy spear-looking thing.

And heavy shoes.

Does the monk in the past really use these heavy things?

Charms for sale.

Get your fortune read here! Just shake that wooden container.

Yeah! Mine is 吉! Woohoo!

Use google translate app to decipher yourself. Then again…actually I don’t understand the translation myself.

And! These are the strips of papers that people are trying.

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