japan day 6. kyoto. songbird coffee. kichi kichi

At Osaka Train Station, we’re going to Kyoto! The other couple will be heading to Tokyo.

Tickets as usual.

Going towards this side. Yes yes, don’t get lost. We were quite lost. Lol!

Kyoto! It’s a very fast trip. Lol.

Pretty skies.

I like train tracks too.

We had to walk quite a distance to the subway train station. Got a little confused initially.

Finally! Our hotel is at Kujo.

Sakura Terrace.

Got free snacks and drinks for us to enjoy.

Nearby convenience store and bus stops available.

Room is quite okay. Got more space then the one at Hiroshima.

Probably the only hotel we’ve been to with english channels. This is where I found out the TV show ‘Forever’ is nice. Gotta go back and watch.

Clean toilet. 👍

Kyoto has too many places that I want to go. Cannot waste too much time.

Heading to somewhere near Nijo Castle. There’s a cafe thatI want to try.

Got vending machine at the station platform!

Fuji apple flavour.

Heh. Cute.

Walked past the manga museum, normally boyfriend and I would have wanted to go in and read the mangas. But logically, I did read reviews… the mangas are in Japanese, there’s no way wewill be able to understand.

Better not waste time.

I like the houses.

Ah neh! This one.
You see the word “Close” at the door?

I was quite sad… they had to close early on this day. 😢

I was looking forward to their egg sandwich. 😭

Name of the cafe.

Continue walking in search of our late lunch location.

More pretty houses to see.

More trees and clouds.

And kawaii fortune kitties.

Ended up here.

Looking good. They sell furniture on level 3 too.

Quiet and cosy place.

I’ve been trying to update. I really did but it gets so tiring at the end of the day, I just didn’t have any more energy to do it.

Plus the amount of images… 😵😵😵

I still have to back them up tonight before the memory card is out of memory.

I’ll update slowly when I’m back in Singapore.

Everything bunny.

Waiting for my Sherpa Coffee and french toast!

They do take their time to prepare food.

Still on his phone.

Boyfriend chose the third coffee blend, it was very very bitter.

Sherpa coffee is bitter too but not as much. Tasted sour after adding milk and sugar. I think it’s nice. Boyfriend prefers this too.

Boyfriend’s curry rice. Mmmm… damn. This was good.

Piece of art. Lol.

I’m gonna insert a video here when I have the time to edit it.

Here’s mine! French toast. Cafés in Singapore should just close down la, seriously.

I wanted to order an egg sandwich initially and changed my mind when I saw the waiter serve the french toast. My eyes went 😍.

Many bananas at the back!

Toast was crispy outside. Soft, fluffy and soggy inside? I don’t know how to explain but it was fabulous. Soggy because of the egg that was soak through into the toast, I guess, before it was fried.

I love it.

Need very trusty shoes for all that walking.

What I keep doing literally… while walking around. ‘Oh-so-pretty’ then take picture.

Nijo castle was closed by the time we got to the entrance.

Didn’t really want to payfor the entrance fee anyway. See from outside also good enough.

There’s a shop nearby selling swords.

Old stuffs.

The price. 😲

Got cheap ones too.

Next! I’m gonna look out for some geishas!

To Shijo!

Sorry. Let me fall in love with these floras for a while.


Something that my previous workplace couldn’t achieve. I still don’t understand why… so scared of so many things…

There’s a lot of shopping here. In fact, I prefer the shopping district here more than Osaka.

Almost there. Keeping eyes wide open, looking for geishas. If I’m lucky I will get to see them walking very quickly to their workplace.

Looking aimlessly…

Don’t see any leh… maybe I have missed the timing?

I’m going to go shopping first before my dinner at Kichi Kichi. Made reservations already and it’s not time yet.

There’s this very nice place to shop. I highly recommend it! The things aren’t very expensive and quality is good too.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen.

Look at those stuffs. I don’t dareto take picture so openly.

See… nice right.

Waaa… Kichi Kichi quite difficult to find…walked past it a few times and we didn’t even realise…

The menu. Due to weight constraints… I’m only getting the half size which I will regret soon.

Friendly staffs and the chef.

Soup comes first.
Bagus. Have to fight with boyfriend. 😂
Too good.

Our drinks. I had umeshu with soda.

I like the chef. When he cooks, he makes it like a entertainment show for us to enjoy. He makes sure he attends to every single one of us in his restaurant.


I must upload the video.

My mini rice. 😄

The omurice is so so so good… I can come single everyday. If you know how much I love eggs… I’ve tried so many omurice, nothing is as close as this… perfection. 👌

Must take pic with my mini omurice. (Should have gotten the regular size.)

Had to walk so far to the train station… There are 2 Shijo Stations in Kyoto and they are not connected in any way at all. Omg!

Thanks for helping me lose weight. 😂

Dessert back in the hotel.

I highly recommend this. If you ever see this in Kyoto’s 7-11 must get it! I couldn’t find this in Tokyo! 😢

Cold and refreshing matcha mochi. 😋

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