Japan Day 3 – Osaka 大阪: Owl Family Cafe 猫头鹰咖啡 and Matsusaka Beef 松阪牛

Breakfast with good view, here I come!

 photo 08 2.jpg

This is how the buffet queue looks like! As we woke up later today, there wasn’t much of a crowd. I can go back for seconds!

 photo 07 2.jpg

Today I have fluffy pancakes, grilled mackerel, potato salad, curry rice and more melon!

 photo 07 1.jpg

Egg benedict fail. Only realise the bread was chocolate chip after toasting it… and onsen egg is not runny egg.

 photo 07 4.jpg

 photo 08 1.jpg

We’re travelling to Osaka via the Shinkansen! A whooping ¥9,710 per person, which is around SGD $120. T.T

 photo 09.jpg

And fast forward… We’re at Osaka!

 photo 11 1.jpg

 photo 11 2.jpg

Then… we got a little lost when looking for the subway.

Finally got to the right place.

 photo 11 3.jpg

Bought tickets to the station near our Airbnb apartment.

 photo 11 4.jpg

I like their subway trains. I’m serious. So old school and pretty. Faster and better than MRT.

 photo 12 2.jpg

Had to walk a bit to the apartment. This area sells a lot of gadgets and many many sexy stuffs, like sexy anime and porn posters around.

 photo 12 4.jpg

Found it!

 photo 12 7.jpg

 photo 12 6.jpg

Can see the Shinsei-Kai Tower from here.

 photo 12 5.jpg

Left our luggages in the apartment, couldn’t go in yet because the lady is still cleaning and we are way earlier than the check-in time. So we’re heading out!

Followed a group of old aunties and uncles. Haha!

No la… We were on the way to another train station and they were there.

 photo 12 8.jpg

See beautiful houses.

 photo 12 9.jpg

 photo 12 10.jpg

There’s a kitty up there.

 photo 12 11.jpg

 photo 12 13.jpg

Totally in love with this house.

 photo 12 14.jpg

 photo 12 15.jpg

Omg. This station doesn’t have english. O.o!

 photo 12 16.jpg

We asked the train conductor but… fail… tell us wrong stop.

 photo 12 17.jpg

 photo 12 18.jpg

So… we can always just hop on the train first.

 photo 12 20.jpg

Because you can always find a machine like that near the exit. Just have to slot in your train ticket, the machine will calculate how much more you have to pay for the shortage.


 photo 13 1.jpg

 photo 13 2.jpg

Then it provides you with a new ticket to exit the station.

 photo 13 3.jpg

This line, this station. It’s near the owl cafe.

 photo 13 5.jpg

There’s a supermart right beside the exit.

 photo 13 4.jpg

It looks like the Japanese don’t have to lock their bikes but if you see properly, you can find very small ones just locking the wheel. I can’t find it now.

 photo 13 6.jpg

If you see this. We’re at the opposite of that. Hahahaha! Actually, don’t have to cross any roads. Walk towards the bikes and turn right.

 photo 13 9.jpg

 photo TC 13 6.jpg

Walking through.

 photo 13 10.jpg

 photo 13 11.jpg

There are many things to see. Like this handpainted signboard.

 photo 13 12.jpg

These ramune soft drinks with their colourful packaging.

 photo 13 14.jpg

 photo 13 13.jpg

 photo 13 15.jpg

 photo 13 16.jpg

Woah. This takoyaki stall looks good.

 photo 13 17.jpg

This curry place looks good too but it was closed.

 photo 13 18.jpg

Tadaa~! We found it! It’s the Owl Family Cafe. We placed our reservations for the earliest time slot before going somewhere nearby for lunch. They do not take online or call-in reservations, you have to be there personally to reserve.

 photo 13 21.jpg

Okay, turn back to find food.

 photo 13 22.jpg

Went back to the Takoyaki store that was just nearby. Got to try it, right?

 photo 13 24.jpg

Which is about SGD $3.60 for 6 balls.

 photo 13 25.jpg

Not crispy. It was just runny and chewy at the same time. Very difficult to explain. Lol. Just not the usual kind of thing that we have in Singapore.

 photo 13 28.jpg

Walked all the way back to the front on the street… decided to have this even though there were so many other shops around. It’s like Tamoya Udon.

 photo 13 33.jpg

 photo 13 35.jpg

Collect my food.

 photo 13 36.jpg

There are high tables, so I think this is a fastfood concept? Eat and go.

 photo 13 37.jpg

Condiments available.

 photo 13 40.jpg

This is what I’m having. Plus a vegetable kakiage.

 photo 13 38.jpg

 photo 13 39.jpg


 photo 13 41.jpg

The udon was just alright, wouldn’t say it was amazing. The fried items are cold and has already become a little tough for chewy. Wasn’t a very good experience.

Went for a coffee because food wasn’t great and we still had time to spare.

 photo 14 1.jpg

No english. We had to put google translate to good use again.

 photo 14 4.jpg

Syrup packaging can be pretty too.

 photo 14 5.jpg

Had my matcha soy latte. It was mmmm…. very good!

 photo 14 8.jpg

How could I miss out the cakes, right? I love Mont Blanc. The sweetness of the chestnut cream was just nice. Cake was fluffy and moist. Plus, it melts in your mouth.

 photo 14 6.jpg

 photo 14 9.jpg

The mille crepe was very good too. I wanna try making this one day.

 photo 14 7.jpg

Back at the Owl Cafe. Reading through the instructions carefully.

 photo 15 1.jpg

Everybody gets a cup of drink.

 photo 15 2.jpg

Please sanitize your hands before touching the owls. All pet owners should know that very well.

 photo 15 3.jpg

This is how the cafe looks like, the other side is where the owls are.

 photo 15 26.jpg

The owl that was used for demonstrations. We were told to only pet the back of the owls with only the back of our hands or finger depending on the size of the owl.

 photo 15 52.jpg

Something like that. Lol.

 photo 15 7.jpg

 photo TC 15 12.jpg

Okay. Picture spam time.

 photo 15 12.jpg

I did hold that owl too. Hehe.

 photo 15 9.jpg

 photo TC 15 22.jpg

 photo TC 15 23.jpg

 photo TC 15 40.jpg

 photo 15 14.jpg

Little ones. That one is stretching its wing.

 photo 15 15.jpg

This has got very big eyes. You’ll get lost while starring at it.

 photo 15 17.jpg

 photo 15 18.jpg

This is my favourite. Pretty owl. If she was my pet, I’ll name her Chocolate or Cocoa.

 photo 15 22.jpg

I don’t trust you. Lol.

 photo 15 23.jpg

The lovers. They really really love each other de. Keep snuggle and sayang each other

 photo 15 32.jpg

There are babies too.

 photo 15 34.jpg

This is the big one.

 photo 15 38.jpg

 photo 15 40.jpg

Big right?

 photo TC 15 57.jpg

 photo 15 41.jpg

 photo TC 15 67.jpg

 photo 15 42.jpg

Huge claws.

 photo 15 45.jpg

Happy face?

 photo 15 46.jpg

 photo 15 48.jpg

Absolutely cute.

 photo 15 51.jpg

I had one on my head. All I was thinking in my heart, “Please don’t poop. Please please please don’t poop.”

 photo TC 16 9.jpg

We walked pass this shop a few times. They have cut fruits and it looks good. The prices were affordable too.

 photo 16 3.jpg

 photo 16 1.jpg

 photo 16 2.jpg

Going back to Namba aka Dotonburi.

 photo 16 4.jpg

I love the train. The brown interior and those green seats. Nice!

 photo 16 6.jpg


 photo 17 1.jpg

 photo 17 2.jpg

 photo 17 3.jpg

 photo 17 4.jpg

The place where we will be having our dinner later. Matsusaka Beef!

 photo 17 8.jpg

We were still quite full, so we walked around a bit more. Anyway, it’s not our reserved time yet.

 photo 17 9.jpg

Japanese family taking photos.

 photo 17 10.jpg

 photo 17 11.jpg

 photo 17 12.jpg

Walked around the arcades, boyfriend’s favourite spots.

 photo 17 13.jpg

 photo 17 15.jpg

Guess what?

 photo 17 16.jpg

Got the bunny at my first try! Lucky!

 photo 17 17.jpg

Didn’t know Singaporeans wear such traditional costumes.

 photo 17 18.jpg

The famous crab place. Nope, it’s not in my itinerary.

 photo 17 19.jpg

 photo 17 20.jpg

 photo 17 21.jpg

 photo 17 22.jpg

That baby thing right there is just eerie.

 photo 17 23.jpg


 photo 17 24.jpg

Okay. Back to the main highlight. Dinner, here I come!

 photo 17 25.jpg

Must change shoes first.

 photo 17 27.jpg

We ordered the Premium Course each, except boyfriend because he doesn’t eat beef. This is already almost SGD $100 per pax.

 photo 18 20.jpg

 photo 17 28.jpg

 photo 17 31.jpg

Beef lard to oil the grill.

 photo 17 30.jpg

 photo 18 3.jpg

Cheers to yummy food! I had a Umeshu Soda. It was good.

 photo 18 4.jpg

First, the salad. I crave for veggies and fruits in Japan because we hardly get proper fibrous food here. I’m getting constipated.

 photo 18 5.jpg

Small appetizers. Shared this with the boyfriend since he couldn’t order any sets.

 photo 18 7.jpg

 photo 18 6.jpg

Beef sushi. It was goooood… beef was super tender and slightly cooked with some burnt edges until fragrant.

 photo 18 9.jpg

The waitress brushes the hotplate with lard. By the way, the waitresses here can speak fluent Chinese and English.

 photo 18 11.jpg

Sliced beef with scallions. Wah. Drool liao.

 photo 18 12.jpg

Mmmmmm…. smells delicious.

 photo 18 14.jpg

Smooth, tender, juicy goodness.

 photo 18 16.jpg

We were each given a little small bowl of beefy bits, cooked until it has absorbed lots of flavour. Sweet, like yakiniku beef. With just a little bit, I could eat with a bit mouthful of rice. It was so so soooo good. Made me finish all the rice. O.o

 photo 18 17.jpg

I’ll give boyfriend’s meal a little showtime.

This is porkie.

 photo 18 18.jpg

And this is chickie. That’s all. Whether it’s good or not, I have no idea.

 photo 18 19.jpg

4 different parts of beef. This is for 3 people. We only have 2 pieces of each part. Sirloin is the best out of all which also happens to be the most expensive out of all. We’ve got expensive taste.

 photo 18 23.jpg

 photo 18 26.jpg

Just the thought of it makes me drool.

 photo 18 25.jpg

 photo 18 31.jpg

This is No. 2!

 photo 18 27.jpg

 photo 18 33.jpg

This has a little tendons, a teeny bit chewy.

 photo 18 29.jpg

 photo 18 34.jpg

This part was too fat. Oil oozes out when we bite into it… Good, but really too oily.

 photo 18 28.jpg

Even the dessert is yum.

 photo 19 2.jpg

Total bill. Expensive but really worthed it.

 photo 19 3.jpg

Started walking back to our stay after dinner. Must burn some calories ah.

 photo 19 4.jpg

Arcade again.

 photo 19 5.jpg

Cute bunny but so difficult to catch.

 photo 20 1.jpg

Night view from apartment.

 photo 20 2.jpg

First time see this! It’s a lock which you can store something inside. In this case, the owner kept the key. Of course, we have to open with a code.

 photo 20 3.jpg

Let’s take a look in the apartment!

Dining area.

 photo 20 10.jpg

Living room.

 photo 20 11.jpg


 photo 20 13.jpg

 photo 20 9.jpg

The other couple sleeps in this room.

 photo 20 7.jpg

While boyfriend and I stayed in this. We left our luggages open on the other bed. Haha.

 photo 20 12.jpg

Toilet in one cubicle.

 photo 20 8.jpg

One for washing up.

 photo 20 5.jpg

And bathing.

 photo 20 4.jpg

 photo 20 6.jpg

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